What’s New in LicenseAnalyzer?

Open iT rolled out a new and improved version of LicenseAnalyzer. Take a look at the latest features listed below!

Comprehensive support for SaaS

LicenseAnalyzer seamlessly integrates with vendor portals or APIs, gathering ownership, assignment details, and usage data from application hosts and license servers for in-depth reports. Building on its support for Autodesk Cloud, Balsamiq, SolidWorks, CloudWorx, and Adobe Creative Cloud, LicenseAnalyzer now bolsters its reporting suite for Bluebeam and Bentley Cloud.

Bluebeam Integration

Open iT offers advanced usage reporting for Bluebeam, leveraging API connections to the Bluebeam Portal. This includes both real-time and historical data insights. Bluebeam support is compatible with Revu 20 and below only.

Real-time Data: Gathered using periodic sampling, viewable via the License Monitor.
Historical Data: Sourced from either sampling methods or from archived log collections.

Figure 1. Bluebeam Real-time Usage Reporting
Figure 1. Bluebeam Real-time Usage Reporting
Figure 2. Bluebeam Historical Usage Reporting

Support for Bentley Cloud Real-Time Usage Reporting

Open iT facilitates Bentley Cloud usage insights by polling data from the Bentley Portal via API. Real-time usage is actively tracked using the License Monitor.

Figure 3. Bentley Cloud Real-Time Usage Reporting

LicenseAnalyzer Level 2 and 3 Improvements

Creation of Application Crash Reports

  • On unexpected application termination during resumption, a crash report is generated.
  • Provides clarity on incident causes.
  • Available exclusively for Windows.
Figure 4. Creation of Application Crash Reports

Force-Terminate and Force-Resume Option

  • Introduced in Level 3, the ‘force-terminate’ attribute determines the suspension duration of an application without triggering timeouts.
Figure 5. Option to resume applications even without any available license (force-resume)

Free License Requirement

  • ‘License-requirement-offset’ added in Level 3 handles race conditions during application resumption, ensuring applications don’t resume without available licenses.
Figure 6. Option to resume applications even without any available license (force-resume)

Custom-Action Script

  • Custom scripts, like the ‘save scripts’, are tailored for Petrel, safeguarding progress before the application is optimized by the disabler.
Figure 7. Dialog box pointing to the location of the backup files when an application unexpectedly terminates after resumption

New supported license managers

We continuously enhance the list of license managers Open iT meters and optimizes. In this release, we have incorporated the following license managers into the list:

  • TASKING License Manager
  • Olicense License Manager
  • Siemens Automation License Manager

What’s new in CLIMS

Open iT Centralized License Integration and Management System (CLIMS) allows administrators to manage license managers on a single interface, providing mechanism for remote stop and start of license server and license file editing with version control among others.   

In this update, we have included the following features:

  • Add audit trail: Administrators can see records of events and changes
  • Support for the Revoke functionality for LM-X license manager
  • Management of SPLM, MathLM, and Sentinel LDK License Managers (on-prem)
  • Denial and License Available alerts of FlexNet, DSLS, and RepriseLM
  • Semantic License Comparison for FlexNet.

Connect with our LicenseAnalyzer specialists to delve deeper into the latest feature enhancements here!

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