Stay Ahead with Real-Time Alerts: Elevate Your License Management with Open iT 

Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer changes the way license managers monitor and manage software licenses. Its native, near real-time alerts on license usage enable proactive management, allowing for the anticipation and resolution of potential issues before they impact operations.   

Proactive Monitoring with Custom Alerts 

Open iT allows for the customization of dashboards with license usage portlets to focus on critical data. This license management solution offers a wide variety of portlets that refresh data every five minutes, hourly, daily, or assist in filtering through historical usage data. This article focuses on the portlets that update every five minutes, and show you how you can tailor (near) real-time alerts for key scenarios to ensure focused oversight.  

LicenseAnalyzer alerts empower you to respond swiftly to changes in license usage: 

  • Applications nearing critical utilization levels  
  • Individual users and hosts with extended license checkouts 
  • Users exceeding a specified number of checked-out licenses 
  • Stopped license daemons or license servers. 
Create your custom alerts dashboard by adding the portlets you need

Why are these alerts critical? 

Proactive Problem-Solving: Real-time alerts allow you to anticipate and address license-related issues before they escalate, preventing potential disruptions in your operations 

Operational Efficiency: Timely alerts mean less time spent on manual monitoring, freeing up resources for strategic tasks that enhance your organization’s productivity. Addressing issues like critical utilization levels, extended checkouts, and license server or daemon related issues ensures resources are efficiently allocated, and operations remain uninterrupted. 

Building Your Customized Dashboard 

Activating real-time alerts begins with selecting and customizing your dashboard portlets. These alerts, tailored to specific conditions, provide timely updates via email at your chosen frequency, ensuring you stay informed without being overwhelmed. 

Custom alerts dashboard in LicenseAnalyzer

The flexibility of the LicenseAnalyzer’s alert system—ranging from immediate to monthly notifications—allows for the prioritization of alerts. Critical alerts, such as license utilization levels or system down notices, can be set for immediate attention, while less urgent notifications can be scheduled for daily or weekly updates. This tailored approach ensures that every alert you receive is relevant and actionable, enhancing your operational efficiency and compliance. 

Setting Up Real-Time Alerts 

Configuring your real-time alerts is straightforward: 

  • Click the gear icon in your portlet to open the configuration dialog box. 
  • Enter a title for your alert and select the relevant licenses, packages, and features. 
  • Define threshold values to trigger alerts, based on your monitoring needs. 
  • Choose your alert schedule, from immediate to monthly, to align with your operational priorities. 

By following these steps, you can ensure your monitoring system is optimized for proactive management, tailored to the unique needs of your organization. 


Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer equips license managers with a powerful suite of customizable tools designed for efficient license management. By enabling detailed monitoring and real-time alerts, it ensures efficient license utilization and operational continuity. Embrace the power of proactive monitoring with Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer and start fostering a more efficient and cost-effective software environment today.  See it in action in a live demo environment!

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