6 December 2016

Reduce Cost on Petrel E&P Licenses with Usage Metering

Petrel Platform, a commonly used E&P application suite, can be among the most expensive software asset investments in the petroleum industry. Petrel Platform enhances multidisciplinary workflows, helping oil and gas engineers understand risk and opportunities from exploration to production. It provides deep science across the spectrum—from prestack processing to advance reservoir modeling—and much more. Petroleum […]

4 October 2016

Oracle® Usage Metering and Optimization

Managing Oracle Licenses Oracle License Audit can be a challenging process for most organizations. Oracle has consistently been amongst the top 5 vendors conducting software audit. Due to the vague and complex nature of Oracle licensing rules, many customers have faced financial, operational and legal risks from contractual non-compliance and budget overspending. The challenge for […]

21 June 2016

Take Full Advantage of Flexible Licensing Models

The advent of usage-based or pay-per-use software licensing models paves the way for software consumers to have more control over how much they spend on their IT assets. With the flexibility of these licensing models, customers can freely scale up their license pool as the demand increases, or cut back as the need decreases. The […]

23 February 2016

5 Steps to Cut Down on SAP® Licensing Costs

Some asset management professionals consider SAP to have one of the most complex and confusing models of software licensing. Because of this high level of complexity, some customers may be paying excessive licensing fees. But when armed with metered usage information customers have power over their SAP licensing costs and can be in the driver’s […]

3 November 2015

Get the Most Out of Your Concurrent Licenses

Software vendors currently offer a number of different software licensing models and they continue to introduce new models, each with different metrics, terms and conditions. While this trend can have its advantages, such as having more licensing options that will be more suitable for an organization, these complicated new licensing metrics can actually leave the […]

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