Software Usage Monitoring and Optimization

Learn how usage monitoring in an E&P IT environment can be beneficial for many stakeholders; executives and IT management, individual users, and also providers to the industry.
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Many of you are asked to do more with less: Invest in new technology with a shrinking software budget or cover more tasks with fewer resources. Many of you have a security focus. All of you are high-end users of technology, with little tolerance for denials and bad performance of your systems. And finally, many of you provide software or services and you want the end-users to have as much value from your delivery as possible. In that way they will be your long term customer. Let us show you how:
  • To benefit from monitoring information technology resource usage in your environment or at your customer site. Metering matters and what you can expect to accomplish with metering.
  • The business cases of an E&P organizations clearly benefited from implementing an IT usage monitoring.
  • The common obstacles of getting started and give you some advice on what to look for and how to move forward with usage monitoring.

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