Securing Software Assets in this Tough Economy

Securing Software Assets in this Tough Economy

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IDC predicts, “Worldwide IT spending to grow 6% in 2012, despite lingering economic uncertainty[i].” As such, improving accountability and compliance over IT assets, while at the same time effectively getting the most value from them, is becoming more crucial for businesses to prepare for continued hard times.

Software license audits are expensive and time-consuming. With software constantly evolving at such a fast pace, business leaders should keep up with these revenue-hungry vendors, take proactive measures to increase negotiating leverage and ensure compliance with their software license assets.

Negotiating software licenses is no easy task, as there are numerous legal, monetary and practical issues involved. That is why having a centralized process on maintaining and tracking all relevant software purchasing and usage details is important, to be able to help IT managers to produce and compile accurate, indisputable information to be used on retiring legacy applications and for adjusting license counts more effectively before signing on a new contact with the software vendors.

Centralizing all software usage data information can be done more easily through automated software asset management, allowing them to effectively manage software license assets and identify the business requirements to ensure compliance, avoid vendor litigation and gain control of IT spending.

Managing software license assets automatically is not as error prone and time consuming compared to manual process that can derail software audit and can silently drain profits from the company. An automated software asset management should be implemented as early before the software audit begins, to ensure on-going license compliance.

The company will reap more benefits on using software asset management tools, especially the wide-spread organizations that owns a lot of expensive and complex applications that are used to the manual process of counting actual users and making estimates of licenses. With properly implemented software license asset management system, IT managers will have more time to prepare for any licensing audits and at the same time, putting them in control of their IT budget.

Are you preparing for your next licensing audit? Do you have a software asset management system in place? Want to know more on how to get centralized software usage reports w/ Open iT? Call us and schedule for a free demo of our software.

[i]IDC. “Worldwide IT spending remains on course to grow 6% year over year in 2012, despite lingering economic uncertainty.” 10 Sep 2012, 4:47 p.m. Tweet.