Siemens NX Reinvents to Cater to AEC Industry’s Needs

Siemens NX Reinvents to Cater to AEC Industry's Needs

Popular modelling and design solution software Siemens NX has added new BIM functionalities in its December 2023 release. With advanced BIM features specifically tailored to meet specific requirements of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sectors, demand for Siemens NX licenses will likely rise. This development will likely create licensing complications, stressing a need for a software license management solution that supports Siemens NX.

Siemens NX Expands Hold in AEC

Siemens NX’s modeling and 3D features, originally designed for product engineering and manufacturing purposes, have found applications across different AEC verticals, such as CNC, piping, welding, steel structures, human ergonomics, VR, and flythroughs. The addition of new BIM features is expected to make Siemens NX more useful for architects, engineers, and construction professionals.

Traditional AEC projects often require many supporting tools. However, with Siemens NX’s latest features, developers claim that it becomes a complete suite, reducing the need for extra construction software. This consolidation leads to less software duplication, ultimately resulting in less waste. A huge selling point for Siemens, particularly in sectors primed for increased software spend.

New Features, Extra Costs

Sophisticated BIM functionalities may increase the demand for Siemens NX licenses in the AEC sectors. But new features also mean more costs. While AEC professionals are eager to enhance their software investments, optimizing spending is equally necessary.

Thousands of Dollars Per Year

NX’s latest BIM features are expected to be included in Siemens’ premier NX package, the NX X Mach 3. This investment requires an annual expenditure of $11.6k per user.

Siemens NX bundles with price

Tokens for BIM Module

Siemens is likely to offer the new BIM features as an add-on module for basic Siemens NX users through value-based licensing tokens. Instead of purchasing expensive license packages outright, users can obtain tokens and exchange them for access to the BIM features.

Value-based licensing tokens serve as a convenient avenue for Siemens NX users to acquire additional features or modules within the NX software suite. However, it’s crucial to note that licensing tokens come with a hefty price tag, nearing $10,500 per year for each user.

Siemens NX X Value Based Licensing option gives 50 tokens per user. It does not say how many tokens are required to use the new BIM add-ons. Users can choose from more than 100+ add-on modules and can customize NX X CAD Mach to their project’s specific needs—with special design tools, standard parts applications, simulation solutions integrated with design, programming and customization toolkits and direct translators.

A Complex Licensing Scenario

Siemens NX software licenses can be hard to handle because of the many different licensing methods that are available, such as perpetual, cloud-based, subscription, and rental options. The complexity increases when considering additional add-ons that are offered through a token-based licensing model.

With the token licensing model, users can access a wide range of NX functions as they need them. Tokens are used when an application from the token pool is in use and are freed up once the application is no longer in use. This flexibility lets users use resources effectively based on their specific project needs and usage patterns.

 However, managing this licensing situation requires careful thinking and control to make sure licenses and resources are used well while keeping costs low. Organizations must plan well to balance their licensing needs with budget limits and operational needs. With the right strategy and tools in place, they can deal with the difficulties of NX software licensing well and get the most out of their investments.

Effective Siemens NX License Management

With potential costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per user, contingent on specific license configurations, organizations must prioritize optimizing their Siemens NX licenses to extract maximum value from their investments.

To help AEC users get the most out of Siemens NX, Open iT provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing Siemens NX license usage and costs.

Open iT facilitates:

  • comprehensive tracking and reporting of Siemens NX license usage across multiple servers, locations, and projects, enabling insights into usage patterns across various teams and departments.
  • identification and mitigation of idle or underutilized Siemens NX licenses, reallocating them to more productive users or projects to enhance efficiency.
  • cost reduction through the implementation of chargeback or showback models, where users or projects are billed based on their actual software usage, ensuring cost-effective utilization.
  • optimization of Siemens NX performance by detecting and resolving license-related issues, such as denials, bottlenecks, or conflicts, to enhance productivity.
  • strategic planning and forecasting of Siemens NX license requirements based on historical and current usage trends, mitigating the risks of over- or under-licensing scenarios.

Seamless Siemens NX Management and Optimization

The new BIM capabilities add more functionality to Siemens NX. But it also affects software licensing expenses. Open iT provides customized solutions to track, evaluate, and improve Siemens NX license usage and costs. With Open iT, AEC firms can have unprecedented visibility and control over their software resources, improving efficiency and profitability. Get in touch with Open iT today to access customized solutions that boost productivity and cost-effectiveness in your AEC activities.

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