Software License Management for TASKING License Manager (TLM)

support for tasking license manager

Different industries use TASKING solutions so that their engineers can work in a complete development environment.

Read on to see how you can monitor TASKING License Manager (TLM) to maximize the use of your TASKING products. We will also share how tracking your license usage can benefit your organization.

Tracking TASKING License Manager (TLM)

Optimization of your software licenses calls for a comprehensive understanding of your software assets.

It is, therefore, crucial for users to be able to monitor their license usage and generate accurate usage reports. This is why, in its latest release, Open iT adds support for TLM.

In Version 9.17, you can track the real-time and historical usage of licenses in TASKING License Manager.

View the number of available licenses and get information on who is using the licenses as well as how long these were checked out in the License Monitor Portal. Our software is platform independent – we support UNIX/Linux and Windows.

You can also generate reports and heatmaps that reveal usage trends which can be drilled down to the user level. The following reports are available for TLM in Open iT Version 9.17.

  • Support in License Monitor
  • Total License Usage Reporting
  • Group Level License Usage Reporting
  • User Level License Usage Reporting
  • Host Level License Usage Reporting
  • Host Group Level License Usage Reporting
  • License Denial Reporting

Benefits of Metering TASKING Licenses

Acquiring the right kind of data enables stakeholders to make informed decisions.

By understanding who, when, where, and how your applications are being used, you can adjust your work processes to achieve an efficient and optimized outcome.

1. Resource planning

To survive in today’s fast-changing market, companies need to continuously create new projects that will serve the demands of their consumer base.

Effective resource planning is therefore crucial to ensure that key personnel have access to critical applications. Leverage your organization’s software usage data through the simulation of different license agreements to find out the combination of TASKING licenses that best fit your organization’s needs.

Create personalized reports in MS PowerBI, Spotfire, Tableau, and other BI tools to deliver the information that management needs to make better decisions on resource allocation.

2. User behavior

The benefits of collecting usage data can extend beyond the walls of the IT department.

For example, the administrator can identify employees with low utilization of specific applications.

If the reason for the low frequency of usage is due to the software’s steep learning curve, the training department can facilitate workshops to address this issue.

User level reports can also start the discussion regarding the responsible use of IT assets. Mitigate the losses incurred by low employee productivity by effectively tracking software usage.

Uncover inefficient usage of licenses in TASKING License Manager caused by license hogging or camping.

3. Cost savings

Eliminating shelf ware, enabling IT chargeback, avoiding paying for features you don’t use in the next license renewal, and passing vendor audits – these are just some of the cost-saving opportunities that metering TASKING licenses can create.

Whether you’re wondering if you should consolidate all your licenses into a single license server or simply looking for areas where you can increase business value, don’t forget to take a closer look at your license usage.

You might be surprised at how much you can save through software optimization.


With over 20 years of experience, Open iT provides organizations with deeper insights on their license usage – something they may not see at first glance. Want to start optimizing your software licenses on TASKING License Manager? Talk to our Business Solutions Consultant today.

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