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The advent of usage-based or pay-per-use software licensing models paves the way for software consumers to have more control over how much they spend on their IT assets. With the flexibility of these licensing models, customers can freely scale up their license pool as the demand increases, or cut back as the need decreases. The best part for customers, though, is that they are billed only for the actual usage of the licenses, which is measured at a granular level.

However, in order to gain full advantage for both software publishers and software users of the benefits of using these flexible licensing models, actual license usage needs to be tracked, managed and shared in order to provide business value to both parties. A third-party solution which can be trusted by both the software publisher and the customer, and which can provide the transparency and security necessary for this system, becomes imperative.

Open iT offers a new solution to software publishers that enables usage-based customer agreements based on true metered use, without having to switch to a different license manager. The Open iT Elastic Licensing solution enables software publishers to offer usage-based licensing agreements across a wide range of software deployment scenarios, from single to global sites and from on-premise to cloud. The solution is a full ‘end to end’ solution, starting from the connected usage metering tool for deployment at the customer site all the way to integration with the software publisher’s existing order and billing systems for Sarbanes Oxley compliant revenue recognition.

The Elastic Licensing solution is built on proven TrueUse™ technology, which provides highly accurate user reports for tracking usage data by department and end-user, in real-time or historical, and in various resolutions.

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