Tracking MATLAB License Usage Using Open iT

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MATLAB is considered one of the most popular and industry-standard products for mathematical programming. Widely used in industry and academia, its powerful capabilities for prototyping and engineering simulation make MATLAB an especially popular tool for demanding engineering requirements.

MATLAB offers several approaches to licensing their software to address a wide range of organizational sizes, multiple locations and divergent usage patterns. Monitoring and tracking MATLAB usage across the organization is critical for optimizing license selection and expenditures.

Monitoring the usage of MATLAB licenses can be accomplished in a rudimentary way by simply viewing log files or running the utility command from the license manager. These monitoring approaches can show the current usage and provide an idea on what is currently happening with the MATLAB licenses. But useful information for optimizing MATLAB licensing must be derived from various analyses of historical usage. Monitoring current usage from just the log files and license manager utilities alone can be tedious, and conclusions based on these tools can be error-prone owing to incorrect assumptions.

With Open iT’s advanced software metering tools it is easy monitor MATLAB license usage and to generate accurate and flexible reports for performance analysis and optimization of MATLAB license costs.

Here are some ways to meter MATLAB license usage using Open iT software:
  1. Monitor Real-Time Usage of MATLAB Licenses through Open iT License Monitor

    License Monitor is a web-based monitoring feature included in the Open iT LicenseAnalyzer module. It provides a complete real-time overview of software usage.

    With License Monitor one can see the total number of MATLAB licenses, how many of those licenses are in use, who is using them and when were the licenses checked-out. Also, License Monitor provides real-time information on MATLAB license usage. One can easily see when MATLAB licensese are running out of availability and when licenses have been checked out for excessive periods of time.


    Open iT Analysis Server, which is included in the Open iT Base Enterprise Edition, extends the functionality of the License Monitor by including features for creating customized dashboards that allows users and administrators to monitor exactly what they want to see. One can monitor metrics, such as License Denials, License Efficiency and Top Usage, and one can easily configure subscriptions for alerts so that concerned users are always informed about the status of MATLAB licenses.
  2. Generate Reports

    Both the Reporting Server and Analysis Server provide in-depth reports on MATLAB license usage. One can make use of the template reports provided by Open iT or create customized reports depending on the needs of the organization.

    Open iT provides the richest reporting capability of any metering tool provider. Hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports in any particular range of time can be easily created. Measurements that need to be monitored such as maximum available licenses, maximum in use and maximum utilization can be included. One can easily drill-down, as well as filter, license usage reports by MATLAB applications and features, by time and even by users and user groups.

    To clearly show usage trends, information may be displayed in either table or graph form.



    With Open iT reporting one can easily determine if there are enough MATLAB licenses or if all requirements can be met with fewer MATLAB licenses. And with Open iT’s denial reporting capability, the objective discovery of licensing gaps is easily accomplished using real usage data rather than anecdotal comments from unhappy users.

For many organizations the optimization of MATLAB licensing and expenditures can be a challenge. However, with Open iT’s advanced features for monitoring and tracking license usage, organizations can effectively optimize MATLAB licensing and ensure all MATLAB resource requirements are met.

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