3 Reasons Why You Should Track IT Assets


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Asset management is not only about reducing IT costs. It’s also about identifying cost drivers, and helping business leaders understand how assets are being used, to more effectively manage and use the company’s resources and reduce costs.

The larger a company is, and the more complex and expensive software applications and systems become, the more benefit an organization gains from fully implementing an asset management solution.

IT systems are often perceived as costly investments, but managing these systematically will help reduce IT costs and help squeeze more value out of each IT asset.

The road to economic recovery may be on its way, but the demand to reduce costs will always persist. Change is inevitable in complex IT environments, and provides an opportunity to improve the performance of IT assets to meet the competing demands for reduced costs and improved quality.

The 3 reasons why you need to track your IT assets are:

  1. To improve budgeting and planning of future IT investments. For example, you can use accurate, historical metrics of software license usage to evaluate how existing software is being used. Getting an overview of your assets can help you plan and prioritize technology required to accomplish business objectives, and can help you deliver the right mix of software/technology tools to achieve goals.
  2. To reduce the cost of expensive software licenses. Use IT reports to gain control of spending, and reduce the risk of vendor litigations. Instead of paying a fixed enterprise fee, negotiate lower software license fees with your vendor and use pay-per-use agreements based on actual usage of the software.
  3. To build support from finance for IT. Use reports to promote IT business collaboration and partner up to build best practices in the organization. Create cost awareness by introducing chargeback, and use reports to educate each department about the true cost of IT services.

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