Equinor Customer Story


Customer Stories:

Business Overview

Equinor is an integrated oil and gas company with headquarters in Norway and branch offices in 28 countries. Since 1998, Equinor has deployed Open iT for usage reporting on their multi-million dollar software investment, to manage software licenses used for exploration, reservoir management, drilling, production, business decision analysis and data management.

Business Challenge

Annually, Equinor pays for a wide range of software licenses used in exploration, production, project management and many other work applications. Access, training and support are crucial for achieving optimal efficiency in the usage of these applications. Equinor searched for a license administration tool to aid these processes in the company. An overview was needed, not only of purchased and installed software, but also showing how software was being used: many technical applications were used intensively at times and rarely at others. Accurate software usage analysis was needed to allow Equinor to negotiate flexible license agreements.

Open iT Software Solution

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer provided Equinor with the billing flexibility they were looking for and many of their applications are now paid for based on actual usage. Open iT LicenseAnalyzer monitors the company’s software usage continually and stores statistics in a secure database, preventing the data from being manipulated with program vendors. Measurements taken from all of Equinor’s offices are stored in signed and encrypted read-only logs. The logs are then aggregated in reports and delivered to software vendors who use the reports for billing for actual software usage. Additionally, Equinor has realized significant savings by cancelling maintenance agreements and discontinuing excess licenses for software no longer in use.


“Open iT Software has helped us to limit our software investment to the most necessary and profitable software.”
Peter Eilsø Nielsen, Product Manager IT/SKS, Equinor

Equinor has an important goal: to build up a solid support apparatus for employees using software. They have organized work groups according to different processes used and have delegated responsibility for application training and integration to each process group manager. Open iT LicenseAnalyzer, through reports showing how the same software is used by different users, has helped these managers identify which users need the most support and training. This information allows them to focus their efforts where they are needed most, enabling them to see the needs of previously more invisible users as well as the more demanding ones. Balancing users’ competing needs helps managers ensure the overall success of the application implementation process. Furthermore, Open iT LicenseAnalyzer reports help managers constantly measure their progress and evaluate and update their plans.

“Many gains have been made by shifting from manual, ad-hoc ways of gathering software usage information, to making continual user measurements with the help of Open iT Software. Being able to see how different departments and disciplines use software better enables the transfer of information and experience between these groups, and makes it clear where software usage is inadequate. Open iT LicenseAnalyzer has made it possible for us to focus user support on areas where it has greatest effect.”
Terje Flaten, Specialist Consultant TEC PE L&U, Equinor

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