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Business Overview

A large industrial conglomerate involved with, among other things, energy and light metals, wanted to assess how its computer resources were being used, in order to better manage its IT expenditures. With a complex IT infrastructure distributed in multiple sites around the globe, getting a system-wide overview of its resource usage patterns and needs seemed a formidable task. Read further to see how they reduced license costs by 30%.

Business Challenge

Management was aware that accurate and comprehensive knowledge of IT and usage patterns could potentially yield enormous savings for software licenses alone. One problem area of increasing costs was in database software. Worldwide, the company had around 30 different license agreements with their database suppliers. These agreements were based upon estimated usage, while actual user statistics remained unknown.

Open iT Solution

Open iT Software was chosen to provide an accurate overview of IT resource usage in order to reduce license costs. The metering solution identified application users so licenses could be distributed to the users who needed them. Since usage was continually measured, trends were visible. In order to be able to document database software usage for negotiations with their providers, the company needed a robust, accurate and trust-worthy solution. Open iT LicenseAnalyzer counts a user once, regardless of whether they are using more than one application at a time. Neutrality is assured since the software is provided by an independent vendor, and data manipulation is prevented since the software stores measurements as signed, encrypted, read-only logs. The data gathered is then used to make easy-to-interpret reports, so managers can see trends and make informed decisions.


Open iT software was implemented to measure a variety of IT system statistics, and the Open iT LicenseAnalyzer module was used to document company-wide software license usage. Upon viewing license usage reports, the company quickly discovered that its maximum number of simultaneous database service users was significantly lower than had been estimated and paid for. With this knowledge, the company was able to match software license purchases to actual needs, and to reduce license costs by 30%. Additionally, with a better understanding of software user trends throughout the organization, the company was able to save more money by consolidating software license purchases in order to get enterprise discounts.

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