The Impact of Flexera’s Acquisition of Snow on Engineering License Management 

On November 28, 2023, the IT asset management landscape witnessed a significant shift. Flexera, a U.S.-based IT asset management specialist, announced its acquisition of Snow Software, a Swedish technology intelligence company. This move marks a consolidation in the software asset management (SAM) field, placing both firms in the limelight of Gartner’s Market Guide for Software Asset Management tools. 

Flexera’s acquisition strategy aims to bolster its technology value optimization portfolio, committing to enhance and maintain the diverse solution sets of both companies. This acquisition promises a broader range of choices and a strengthened foundation for IT Asset Management (ITAM) and FinOps, addressing the global challenge of IT spending waste. 

Vishal Rao, President and CEO of Snow, perceives this acquisition as a catalyst for advancing technology intelligence, aligning well with Flexera’s mission to maximize technology investment returns for customers. 

The Shift in Engineering License Management 

The evolution of product and license models by software publishers is increasing the complexity and importance of managing engineering and specialty applications. These applications often involve significant costs and risks, highlighting the need for precise, specialized solutions like Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer, which addresses complex licensing metrics. 

In the wake of Flexera’s market consolidation through this acquisition, engineering license managers, who oversee substantial portions of organizational IT budgets, face new considerations. Questions arise about their future options in managing and optimizing engineering and specialty applications. Will they be restricted to Flexera’s FNMEA solution, or will this acquisition pave the way for more tailored, industry-specific reporting tools? 

Divergent Approaches to Engineering Software Management 

Open iT and Flexera present contrasting approaches to assisting SAM professionals in managing engineering licenses. The capacity to integrate multiple license managers into a single solution is crucial. Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer, designed for both post-analysis and proactive issue identification, exemplifies this with its custom alert system, warning IT managers of potential issues before they escalate. 

The highly customizable nature of Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer allows organizations to adapt the software to their unique requirements, ensuring efficient and effective license management. Its scalable architecture, capable of integrating a wide array of data sources, offers a comprehensive view of software usage and licensing, invaluable for large enterprises. 

Designed with the complexities of large-scale enterprises in mind, Open iT provides robust support for processing data in line with diverse license agreements. This blend of advanced features, customizability, and scalability positions Open iT as a strong competitor in the realm of software license management, particularly suited for large organizations seeking a versatile and all-encompassing solution. Contact us today!

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