How to Effectively Meter Cadence® Design Software

Cadence® Design Systems is a leader in electronic design with more than 30 years of expertise in the computational software industry. Providing service to the most innovative companies in the world, Cadence applies its proprietary Intelligent System Design to bring forth hardware, software, and IP to realize design concepts. Among its most important products are its electronics design software that focus on simulation and analysis, which are two important features of a good electronic design software. Cadence’s world-class computational software also offers smart checks for the reliability, functionality, manufacturability, and all other aspects of the design of electronics system.

These complex and specialized services make it necessary for users of Cadence computational software to ensure that they always have the latest version and that every single one being used contributes to the overall productivity of the company. In order to do this, an effective software usage metering system should be in place.

Ways to Meter Cadence Computational Software for Intelligent System Design

1. One of the ways to see how users are using Cadence software would be a real-time overview of its license usage. A good monitoring dashboard would let administrators see the total number of Cadence licenses, how many are in use as well as who are using them, and when the licenses have been checked out. Real-time information on Cadence software license usage enables administrators to determine if there are enough available licenses for everyone who needs it, investigate possible incidences of license hogging or camping, and implement proper remediation before possible issues arise.

2. Another way to meter Cadence design software is through historical usage data. By collecting and aggregating historical data, administrators will be able to analyze usage trends in different granularities. See usage per department or project in annual, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly resolutions. Determine which users or user-groups check out the most number of licenses. Analyze historical usage patterns to determine how many licenses would be needed in the coming months.

3. Metering activity levels of the mouse, keyboard, Input/Output, and CPU can significantly help in determining how efficiently the software is being used by the users. These usage data can help determine further if the application is being used actively or if it is just running idly.

4. It is also important to collect data from the operating system kernel and logs, and other possible sources of usage data, to make sure that the aggregated usage data will be as accurate as possible. The abundance of data points can provide more in-depth reports on Cadence design software usage.

Metering software usage is never an easy job, but Open iT takes the burden off your shoulders by offering solutions that accurately meter, analyze, and optimize software usage, coupled with personalized services that provide additional business value. With Open iT, companies will have access to the richest reporting capabilities in hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports. These advanced reporting capabilities come with a full analytical tool that can be integrated with many popular BI tools. Additionally, real-time dashboard reports and email alerts provide hassle-free license management for all types of software applications.

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