True Active Usage in Real-Time Monitor

Monitoring software assets, especially software license usage, is a must in order to keep up with the rapid trends in information technology.

It is crucial that software assets are completely under control and properly managed so that these expensive and high-end assets are efficiently utilized.

According to Gartner, global IT spending would increase and grow to a total of $3.79 trillion in 2019, an increase of 1.1 percent from 2018.

Furthermore, Gartner Research Vice President John-David Lovelock states that in 2019, software asset managers need to learn more strategies and know the best ways in controlling assets in order to cope with the fast growth in the market.

These rapid changes are caused by the shift of enterprise IT spending from traditional or the non-cloud services to cloud-based services, which is continually driving the growth of IT spending.

Gartner also added that intelligent decision of investments in software asset management would give success to IT businesses.

Based on all of these, it is essential for companies who use expensive software licenses to implement the best license management and monitoring tool, one with powerful capabilities and functionalities that would give the best overview of license usage in the organization.

It is imperative to have a powerful centralized dashboard for monitoring license usage activities on an enterprise level in real time.

This dashboard should reload at least every five minutes so that administrators could see the most recent activities and availability of licenses on different license servers.

The dashboard should also show the specific users and their respective license usage activity, as well as the time a user has checked out a license and how long the license had been checked out by the said user.

Furthermore, the dashboard should include special quick links to historical data, which should provide more information of the license usage activity for each application, including License Efficiency, License Usage History and License Usage Heatmap.

Beyond these functionalities, it is important to see the true usage behind these license usage activities in order to take full control of the licenses. True usage means distinguishing between inactive and active license usage.

An effective real-time license usage monitoring tool should have extended capabilities to include activities that are categorized as either active or inactive.

Active means the license is checked out and with recorded activities (CPU, IO, memory, mouse and keyboard), while inactive means the license is checked out but idle in activities for a specific time.

These advanced capabilities should also include distinction between users who are active against those that are inactive.

Open iT® LicenseAnalyzer2020™ Level 2: True Active Usage has all these capabilities and more! LicenseAnalyzer2020 configuration settings can be customized to set up appropriate thresholds as criteria for an application’s inactivity. These thresholds include the basic system statistics, such as CPU, IO, memory, mouse, and keyboard activities. When an application reaches the combined thresholds, it will be recorded as inactive.

With these capabilities, monitoring and controlling license usage would be easier and more manageable for license administrators.

Learn more about how to effectively manage engineering software license usage in real time with Open iT LicenseAnalyzer2020. Let us guide you through your engineering software management and optimization journey.

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