Hexagon sets HASP End of Life, upgrades to ISL 

Posted on May 20, 2020

Hexagon PPM, which develops software such as CADWorx,  SmartPlant, CAESAR II, Smart Review, Smart 3D, Intergraph Smart P&ID, etc., has announced the End of Life on their HASP/hardware locks set for May 31, 2020.

Hexagon PPM is introducing Intergraph Smart Licensing (ISL) as a technology upgrade that will replace both hardware locks (HASP) and Smart Plant License Manager (SPLM). Prior to this announcement, HASP end of life email notifications had already been sent to users beginning May of 2017. A notice had also been added to the Newsfeeds found in its analysis products. In addition, Hexagon has been hosting several webinars since the last quarter of 2019 regarding ISL setup and management to prepare users in their transition to ISL.

In response to this, Open iT has prioritized and worked closely with Hexagon users to support the metering of licenses on ISL. Currently, Open iT has the capability to show dashboards and reports on this as if the cloud server is in a local enterprise network. Standard analytics are available to provide confidence with license position and negotiations. Open iT can also break down critical information, such as license types and ownership types (purchased or leased), to help companies define their software groupings (which is mostly known as KeyStore).

KeyStore is a distinct implementation in Hexagon’s software licensing where both purchased and leased licenses can be stored. In addition, these license types may have a 12-hour lock, which is important to know when aiming for a good licensing position needed by the organization. Without this information breakdown, the company may end up paying for a lot of leased licenses due to the uncertainty of how many purchased licenses should be maintained.

Open iT continues to work closely with its partners to continue with data provision and analysis of critical processes in their companies, such as:

  • application management, configuration and support;
  • license negotiations and renewals;
  • chargeback;
  • etc.

Open iT is happy to share this experience with customers in similar situations where infrastructure, such as license servers, are moving and slowly being taken over by software vendors. Open iT believes that information is key in controlling IT assets in these times of remote connectivity, and it looks forward to making more case studies that benefit all parties in the management of their IT Assets and licensing.

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