Open iT LicenseAnalyzer2020 is a complete engineering software management  solution that includes over 50 features and functionalities. It meters software applications, regardless of licensing method, by collecting usage data from a wide variety of sources, and provides an enterprise overview of your organization’s software usage showing when and by whom these assets are being used over time, by location, business unit, or project group. It also monitors activity levels of these applications and can automatically free up licenses with inactive usage.
LicenseAnalyzer2020 is offered in three (3) levels of functionality, where each level extends and builds on the functionalities of the preceding level.

Level 1

Runtime Usage

On this level, usage data is collected from a wide range of sources to meter the elapsed time in which the licenses are checked out or the applications are running. This includes real-time monitoring and historical reporting on a wide range of on-premise and Cloud applications, proactive alerts, and customizable dashboards.

Level 2

True Active Usage

This level includes all the features and functionalities of Level 1, and it also meters the activity levels of all applications (standalone or server-based, Cloud or on-premise) to determine whether the applications are truly being actively used. Advanced active/inactive software usage reports (independent of licensing method) are available.

Level 3

Managed Usage

This level expands the capabilities of Levels 1 and 2 to provide better control in managing license resources by uncovering and terminating or suspending applications that are not in active use, thus releasing the unused licenses back to the pool for redeployment to other users.
Furthermore, you have the option to customize a solutions package based on your specific initiatives and unique challenges. You may handpick the features and functionalities of LicenseAnalyzer2020 that will best address your requirements, and Open iT will build a customized package for you.
Open iT LicenseAnalyzer2020 is a highly customizable, robust, and complete engineering software management solution that can address your requirements based on your specific initiatives and unique challenges. With LicenseAnalyzer2020, your engineering software management program is covered on all levels.