Open iT Inc. Releases Software Version 6.3

Open iT is pleased to announce the highlights of Version 6.3 which include the LicenseAnalyzer Mobile Application on Smart Phones and tablets which are both compatible for both Windows and Android systems. With its current Release Candidate version due by December and official release shortly after in the first quarter of 2014, the features will include the following:

  • Functionality to generate Excel reports without enabling ActiveX
  • Reset and change password functionality for the users
  • Functionality to warn the user about the Server Disk Space
  • Extend Product and Feature Access
  • Ability to report on FlexNet denials by denial reason
  • Upgrade Apache version on Reporting Services
  • Interactive Alerts Dashboard
  • Customizable alarms
  • New License Monitor Dashboard
  • Web-based updates of the cost catalog for advanced invoicing on Analysis Server
  • Easy to install LO Standalone Edition
  • Module Log File Handling
  • Support for more License Managers on License Optimizer.

Open iT solutions help customers improve IT procurement, deliver cost savings, and align IT with business goals. Staying competitive in today’s global economy requires peak performance and efficiency at all levels of operation. Learn more on how you can meter and report software license usage with Open iT. Schedule a demo today! Learn more on how you can meter and report software license usage with Open iT.

Download our Release Letter.

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