Open iT Releases Software Suite Version 6.5

Posted on January 13, 2017 5:44PM

Open iT is pleased to announce the availability of Version 6.5 which includes improvements of Core Server, Analysis Server, Reporting Server, StorageAnalyzer and SystemAnalyzer. The highlights of the Version 6.5 release include:

  • Added backend reporting for Wibu and Vector dongle and other dongle-based inventory module
  • Balance processing between resources – intense jobs and “light” jobs
  • Autodesk Data Collection
  • Capability to create log file containing filenames
  • Database Cleanup
  • Customizable email messages for user alerts
  • Selective User Anonymization
  • Database extraction for generating report with average computation of CPU utilization and memory utilization
  • Capability to show/hide public dashboards owner
  • Show the License Manager’s metadata, including server names, ports and license files path
  • More control to the alert system
  • New reports for Distinct User per Quarter (DU 1Q) and allow multiple charging types in one feature in Application Cost for Chargeback
  • Force update of Admin Password during initial login
  • Display TEMP_DIR usage in Dashboard

Download our release letter and learn more about the detailed improvements and new features of this new version.

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