What’s new in LicenseAnalyzer

Posted on March 28, 2022
By June, we are releasing LicenseAnalyzer. Check out the new features below!

    • Comprehensive Support for SaaS

      LicenseAnalyzer includes a comprehensive solution for SaaS Applications, providing

      • Visibility of license ownership vs installation/assignment vs usage
      • Reports for evaluating current license agreement vs other available agreements
      • Reports for license optimization and cost reduction
      • Compliance reporting

      LicenseAnalyzer integrates to vendor portal or API to collect ownership and assignment information and combine it with usage collected from application hosts and license servers to generate comprehensive reporting.


    • Autodesk Cloud

      Autodesk Cloud (named user subscription and Flex) can now be optimized with Open iT. Various usage reports can be generated for Autodesk Cloud licenses, as well as other supported license types, such as concurrent and Token Flex, to provide a complete picture of Autodesk portfolio.

    • Adobe Creative Cloud

      This release includes support for Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) usage reporting. It combines ownership, assignment, and usage to present a complete overview of Adobe portfolio.


    • Improved Data Integrity Checking

      Data Monitor helps to ensure data integrity by comparing the expected data to the actual received data by Open iT server from clients. Whenever a deviation occurs, an alert is sent to the administrators.


    • Canned Reports

      Canned Reports include heatmaps, license efficiency, and usage trend report. This feature uses Open iT proprietary database as data source, eliminating SQL server dependency. This means:

      • It is compatible with both Windows and UNIX.
      • It is available to both Enterprise and Professional editions.


    • One Portal for Administration

      One Portal will save time for administrators, limit user error, and accelerate onboarding by providing an intuitive interface for managing Open iT products. This release includes the following:

      • Module Activator – This feature allows the activation and deactivation of specific data collectors across all connected Open iT Clients.
      • Product Mappings interface – Product mapping is a powerful Open iT feature that enables local vs global license simulation. With One Portal, mapping configurations are made easier.


  • New Supported License Managers

    We are continually expanding the list of license managers that Open iT meters and optimizes. In this release, we added the following license managers to the list:

    • Icarus
    • Honeywell Token-Based Licensing
    • Materialize

    In addition, we now support reporting on FlexNet Reserved Licenses usage.

What’s new in CLIMS

CLIMS allows administrators to manage license managers on a single interface, providing mechanism for remote stop and start of license server, and license file editing with version control among others.

In this release, the following license managers are added to the list of supported license managers:

  • tNavigator
  • Sentinel RMS

CLIMS also supports the following Authentications:

  • Windows Authentication (Users and Groups)
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) Authentication
  •  Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) Authentication

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