Mitta Oy

Mitta Oy uses Open iT to gain IT visibility, reduces Autodesk licenses by 50%

“We have eliminated most of the problems. The users usually have access to licenses, and now we are able to reduce the number of licenses we have in the servers. I would, of course, recommend the use of software asset management solutions like Open iT to monitor license usage. It helps in uncovering unstable license servers and in viewing the status of licenses in real-time.”


  • Mitta Oy needed to gain IT visibility after undergoing multiple corporate acquisitions.
  • The company was experiencing multiple denials, and purchasing additional licenses was no longer a
    sustainable approach.
  • Mitta Oy’s IT Director, Marko Ukkola, used LicenseAnalyzer™ to find out the root cause of denials and bridge the information gap within the organization.
  • With the Open iT License Monitor Dashboard, Mitta Oy found the solution that they needed to scale up or scale down their operations as required.

Company and Business Overview

Mitta Oy, one of Mitta Group’s subsidiaries, is a company based in Finland that specializes in providing
consultancy services to the construction industry. With over 30 years of experience, Mitta Oy has become a
leader in its field, delivering essential data that support their customers’ end-to-end processes, from design
to production.

Recently, the company has undergone multiple acquisitions, allowing it to further expand its reach and build
a competitive advantage over its competitors. However, growth is not a painless process. The expansion
brings along the need for digital transformation. In addition, the aggregation of resources – a consequential
circumstance that follows a corporate acquisition – raised awareness of the importance of having a holistic
view of their entire IT estate.

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