What’s New with Open iT Software Suite 2020 (Version 9.5)

New Support and Improvements

Autoconfigurators – detect running license managers and vendors under it in the Open iT Client host and automatically configure the Open iT Client for those license managers. In this new version, DSLS and LM-X license managers are now supported.

Support for Autodesk® Cascading Sequences – identifies the cascading sequences of Autodesk and eliminates false denials generated by this mechanism. This also enables the reporting of which license a user has tried to check out at the beginning and which license the user has ended up checking out.

Improvements on Core Server Processing Pipeline – reduces the Core Server’s processing time every midnight by frequently archiving the incoming data ahead of time.

CLIMS Updates

  • In addition to FlexNet and Reprise LM, DSLS and LM-X license managers are now supported in CLIMS.
  • Remote upload of license files

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved in this release:


    • User can delete itself in Registered Users Page
    • Javascript can be run using ReturnUrl in identity server
    • Get the correct options file path
    • Prevent skipping of feature when unexpected date was parsed
    • Add regex support for newer format of lmstat -i
    • Not starting service for CLIMS Client

B. Autoconfigurator

    • Doubles the hostname in Schlumberger product
    • Should add sign in flex-required-attributes to properly configure FlexNet collection
    • Missing license-file-dir in simpleflex

C. Core Reporter

    • Multiple call to simple_reports_dump.pl in one report
    • Updating of Admin user’s own account removes its Roles Membership
    • webgui.log is not rotating or rolling and exceeds 2GB
    • Error in Firefox console – “unreachable code after return statement” in general.js
    • Preview of values in Mapping Overlay is not working
    • Wrong Report Folder for Report Template
    • Report Generation period is not set automatically on some data types
    • Preview column in Mapping Editor is unable to load
    • Web Vulnerability in Core Reporter (UCS): “.htaccess file readable”

D. Licpoll

    • Uses the same license file twice, resulting in double Max Available
    • Cannot do DSLS collection due to unsupported Japanese character
    • Unable to collect which package the feature is used correctly
    • @server.ip contains IPv6 address causing SyncLicenseStatus in Analysis Server to produce an error
    • Collecting features that does not belong to daemon

E. Core Server

    • Outdated clients are not removed and are still shown in Core Reporter dashboard (WCS)
    • Cannot process Weblog Data
    • JobRunner.pm is missing from version 9.x Windows Core Server installation

F. Analysis Server

    • License Monitor shows separated feature for having two or more licensing models
    • Windows with Swedish format (has comma ‘,’ as decimal point) is unsupported

G. Miscellaneous

    • Detect RepriseLM without license file in command line and update regex pattern for feature
    • Optimize REQ_STATUS processing to avoid WebSocket 32kb limitation
    • Wrong detection of vendor daemon path
    • Licensestatusconverter is unable to match features to daemon correctly
    • Daemons in Open iT Unix installations does not write timestamp on log messages
    • Mismatch of raw data license with data shown in License Monitor
    • Scheduler exits when the period specified is wrong
    • Max available issue for DSLS due to feature with multiple expiry dates
    • Two license status files are created for Codemeter
    • Unmatched Fullname and Department on DT 31 report


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