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Is your software license budget out of control due to:

Inefficient usage?

A user checks out a license by running an application, but is the user actively using that application? How much of the license checkout time has the application been used? Was the license checked out used efficiently?


Are additional licenses really needed? Or are there actually more than enough if the available licenses are used efficiently? Maybe there are even excess licenses that can be given up for more cost savings.

Unproductive user habits?

Are the license needs of the company over-inflated because users are keeping licenses open ‘just in case’ or unknowingly using multiple licenses?

ApplicationTracker brings software budgets back in line

ApplicationTracker is installed on desktops or application servers where it monitors activity levels of all applications, independent of licensing method, on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms

Application activity from CPU, keyboard, mouse and I/O statistics is then compared against specific thresholds to determine if an application is active or inactive.

Reports from gathered application usage statistics can be used as basis for internal analysis and business process improvements at the
corporate level


  • Full features and capabilities of Open iT ApplicationTracker
  • Meter up to three (3) applications for a collection period of 45 days
  • Reports with cost savings opportunities

Proven Results

Improve User Productivity

Discover and eliminate behavioral factors that constrain application availability

Manage wide selections of expensive software

Allows for easy tracking of
node-locked, dongle-based or other applications that do not use a common license manager

Enable Cost Savings

Identify opportunities to reduce costs within the current IT budget by tracking actual license usage

20% OFF

for purchases of ApplicationTracker before the end of 2019

Expand your software asset management program and move toward more software usage optimization and cost savings!