Autodesk Announces Software Price Hike for February 2024

Autodesk Announces Software Price Hike for February 2024

Autodesk, a leading provider of engineering, construction, and design applications, is gearing up for a significant price increase across several of its software solutions starting February 7, 2024.

Two-Tiered Price Adjustment Strategy

The software giant is adopting a dual approach to the price hike:

For New Subscriptions: Autodesk will implement a 2.6% increase on most new annual subscriptions, as well as new and renewing multi-year subscriptions.

For Renewing Subscriptions: A more pronounced increase of 7.7% will be applied to most renewing annual subscriptions.

New Features Driving the Price Increase

Autodesk assures that this price adjustment is not without substantial benefits. Key improvements that customers can anticipate include:

Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration. Autodesk is introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) as part of its new feature set. They assert that this integration will enhance security, streamline administrative processes, and improve the overall user experience.

Advanced Reporting Features. Another enhancement highlighted by Autodesk is the significant improvement of its reporting capabilities. Autodesk claims that these advanced features will provide administrators with deeper insights into software usage patterns.

Administrative Control. The upcoming updates are set to include new options for administrators, such as sophisticated activity logs, team selection tools, and the ability to unassign software features.

Personalized Onboarding and Reporting. Autodesk also plans to introduce personalized onboarding processes and extended reporting capabilities for additional products.

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Don’t Let Price Hikes Undermine Software Investments

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