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ANSYS, Inc. Helps Customers Manage Software License Costs Based on Actual Usage Through Collaboration with Open iT

“Working with Open iT was a collaborative approach. Their research and experience working with larger companies helped us evaluate options we may not have considered.”


The steady migration to cloud computing and virtualization has increased demand for more flexible licensing models such as pay-per-use and subscription. Software vendors of all sizes are working to accommodate how customers receive, use, secure and monitor their software licensing while balancing their own software monetization needs and compliance objectives.

ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS) is the global leader in engineering simulation. Their technology enables organizations in all industries to predict with confidence that their products will thrive in the real world, helping them to solve the most complex design challenges and engineer products limited only by imagination. One of the company’s goals is to meet the increasing customer requests for more flexible licensing options to manage peak demands. ANSYS developed five strategic business goals to address customer needs including:

  • asset optimization to support the evolution of product use at each phase
  • portfolio flexibility through the design cycle
  • cost allocation to enable charge backs to different business units
  • entry access to try new products
  • peak capacity to ensure licenses are available when needed

To meet these goals, ANSYS needed a secure, comprehensive solution that would enable the company to offer pay-per-use licensing, without having to make changes to applications or the current licensing system. Their approach also needed to consider how customers currently buy and pay for licensing, to maintain security of customer data, and to provide sufficient and accurate information for billing purposes.


To accomplish its goals, ANSYS engaged Open iT, the leading provider of IT usage reporting and optimization solutions. Open iT is well known for its license monitoring technology, and its track record for helping Fortune 100 companies optimize global IT assets. Open iT worked with ANSYS to design and implement an Elastic Licensing solution to easily apply pay-per-use licensing to their portfolio of products, while meeting related internal business requirements. The solution is built on Open iT TrueUse™ technology, which provides highly-accurate and detailed usage data across the organization. It allows ANSYS customers to use existing software licenses and new elastic licenses interchangeably, on-premise or in the cloud, to develop innovative products in a cost effective and timely manner. ANSYS Elastic Licensing complements its traditional lease and paid up licensing models to give customers optimal flexibility in balancing software acquisition costs with as-needed access to the entire ANSYS software portfolio.

Accuracy and security of customer application usage information was a top reason ANSYS chose Open iT over other available solution providers. Usage data collected by the ANSYS Elastic Reporter is encrypted and sent to ANSYS through a secure firewall system, after which Open iT structures, archives, and integrates it with the ANSYS purchase order and invoicing systems for revenue recognition. The ANSYS Elastic Reporter provides the customer with rich, accurate data for internal management of their ANSYS applications, and helps customers make more informed decisions about their licensing needs.


ANSYS gained competitive advantage with the ANSYS Elastic Licensing solution. Customers are now able to provide their end users immediate access to the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, only paying for the actual software usage. ANSYS customers enjoy a full spectrum of choices in provisioning their application execution environments from on-premise to cloud, and in access to ANSYS software under perpetual, lease, and now usage-based Elastic Licensing. ANSYS is providing its customers with the most flexible and complete toolset available for creating better designs and innovative new products.

Since ANSYS announced the availability of Elastic Licensing, customer interest has grown and the company has received positive responses. The solution has created a paradigm shift in how ANSYS interacts and works with its customers, enabling more frequent discussions about access to resources and new approaches to shortening time-to-market.

As a leader in our space, we need to continue our quest to innovate. Across the different industries that use our products, customers were asking for this level of flexibility. They want to manage peak demand, pay for only what they need when they need it, and ensure their billing is accurate. The solution Open iT provided is a reflection of what our customers want and need, and now we have delivered on those expectations.
Steve Del, Senior Manager, Software Development, ANSYS, Inc.

Working with Open iT was a collaborative approach. Their research and experience working with larger companies helped us evaluate options we may not have considered. The Elastic Licensing solution completes our goal to meet customer demands. It gives our customers the freedom to use our products when they want or need to, which can be the difference between design success or failure.
Giovanni Petrone, Senior Product Manager, Cloud Solutions and Elastic Licensing, ANSYS, Inc.

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