What is CodeMeter? #

CodeMeter is a more flexible software licensing technology introduced by Wibu Systems. One of its better known, secure, and protected software licensing solutions is dongle licensing, but it also offers cloud, computer-bound, and network-based licensing.

CodeMeter supports many common licensing models, including single-user, network, feature-based, pay-per-use, time-based, named-user, etc. Dongle licenses can be in USB, SD card, microSD card, CF card, and PC card. It also supports license borrowing and software-based activation.

CodeMeter User Monitoring and Management #

The CodeMeter Runtime is a powerful tool that includes the CodeMeter Runtime Service, WebAdmin, and Control Center, among others. The CodeMeter Runtime Service manages the connected dongle, computer-bound, network-based, and cloud licenses. It also tracks the use, check-in, and checkout of shared licenses, whether dongle-based, network-based, or cloud.

CodeMeter WebAdmin is web-based user interface that provides various capabilities and overviews on the license usage of the CodeMeter license connector connected to the CodeMeter license server through the network. It can display the licenses that are activated, which ones are in use, and which ones are available. On the other hand, the CodeMeter Control Center allows users to view the list of dongle licenses that are currently connected to the machine and the computer-bound licenses available on the machine. Control Center also includes a tool that can activate licenses offline.

How Open iT Supports CodeMeter #

Having these reporting tools is very useful when there is just one specific provider and license server. However, if your company’s software portfolio includes products from different vendors and uses different license servers or licensing models, monitoring and reporting of license usage can become cumbersome because there is no centralized view for all.

Open iT is a powerful Engineering Software Management solution that allows you to meter all your licenses, regardless of licensing methods, and generate real-time and historical reports on a single dashboard. It uses both polling and log parsing mechanisms to fetch license information and usage for all CodeMeter licenses, whether they may be cloud, computer-bound, dongle, or network-based.

Through the collected data, Open iT has the capability to generate various reports that would allow you to drill down and uncover your true active usage. It can provide you with relevant information that could be used to manage and optimize your various CodeMeter licenses.