Icarus LM

What is Icarus License Manager? #

Icarus License Manager was developed by Scientific Toolworks, Inc. (SciTools) to manage the licenses of their Understand™ code management software solution. Understand simplifies code management through its multiple features, which include Search, Analysis, CodeCheck, Browsers, Metrics, Annotations, Reports, Charts and Graphs, among others.

Understand™ offers flexible licenses that companies can choose from to fit their requirements – from single and multiple users to licenses that cater to DevOps and enterprises. Companies can purchase these licenses on an annual subscription. The pricing of licenses will vary depending on the customization. In addition to offering free trials and consultations, the software also has a free educational license for students and teachers.

Understand™ normally connects to SciTools’ Helios license server. However, since the software also enables developers to work on their code offline, Icarus is deployed as the local license server that can be set up on the internal network for closed labs or other environments that are not allowed online access. It is an on-premise license server that is offered only under specific requirements. Companies can purchase the license on a per-user and per-year basis.

Icarus LM User Monitoring and Management #

Icarus LM logs license information and usage events in its debug log files, but it does not provide utilities that aggregate or allow users to graphically view the usage data and other license information.

How Open iT supports Icarus LM #

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer 2022 collects the debug log files containing license information and usage data from the Icarus License Manager. Then, it aggregates the collected data with usage data from a variety of other sources for a more complete and accurate software usage information. This allows Open iT to create a myriad of usage reports that allow administrators to track the usage of the company’s Understand licenses, including:

  • Total License Usage reporting
  • User Level License Usage reporting
  • User Group Level License Usage reporting
  • Host Level License Usage reporting
  • Host Group Level License Usage reporting

These software usage reports allow administrators to identify opportunities for license optimization, uncover possible risks before they become major issues, reduce software costs, and predict future usage, which can greatly help during vendor negotiations.