Improving Software Management Efficiency through a Centralized Management System

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Software management and administration can be tough, especially when things are done manually and without a centralized management system. Having to go through every license and options file for each license server unnecessarily takes up time and resources. Companies with a vast and complex software environment need an advanced system for the administration of license servers. It’s important that they have a centralized portal for the management and administration of license servers.

Central Repository

It would greatly help administrators to have a solution that would act as a central repository for all license and options files. This solution should be able to allow users to monitor, edit, and configure the license and options files. Its functionalities should include:

  • Remote uploading of license files;
  • Centralized administration of license files and options files featuring a license file and option file editor with syntax checker; and
  • Detailed version tracking and storage.

Software Management Efficiency

As the company expands its software portfolio, the ensuing complexities may create a great deal of confusion and challenges associated with software management. A centralized management system could address these challenges.

Landing Page

IT Administrators need a landing page where they can access all features and functionalities with one look. This landing page should be able to display all collected data from various license managers. It should hold a list of host machines that users can group according to server or vendor. Users should be able to easily see what they need. These include the versions, total number of licenses and licenses in use, and the corresponding utilization percentages of the licenses.

Quick View

A centralized management system should allow users to save time by providing them with a quick view of all connected license managers. Furthermore, it should give users access to the list of the total number of machines and vendor daemons with their corresponding servers or ports, license managers, operating system, and brief usage history. Administrators should also be able to troubleshoot all license servers and view the debug logs through a single portal. They should be able to click on each entry to see general information and the status of the license daemon. Finally, they should be allowed to add new license files.

Client Visibility

Users should be able to easily find a detailed list of all connected clients through the same portal.

User Roles

Privacy and confidentiality within departments and projects are important. Therefore, the centralized software management solution should provide administrators with the power to define user roles. Administrators should be able to give users limited or full access to license managers or vendors.

The Solution

Open iT Centralized License Integration and Management System (CLIMS) offers a single interface from which administrators can control and manage all license servers across a company. It is a plugin for LicenseAnalyzer that offers a broad range of functionalities. It aims to make license server administration and software management easier at the enterprise level.

CLIMS is a useful software management solution that enables administrators to monitor, edit, and take action on licenses and license servers across the company at any given time from a single portal. It serves as a one-stop shop for managing license servers, checking license files, and viewing logs, thus, saving time and resources.

CLIMS is just one of the Open iT plugins that effectively manages the use of expensive engineering applications. Explore our page and discover how we can help your business.

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