Maximizing Efficiency in AEC Software with LicenseAnalyzer

Maximize AEC Software Investments with LicenseAnalyzer

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is moving confidently into the digital age, with a noticeable uptick in the adoption of AEC software. This shift reflects a growing recognition within the sector of how technology can significantly enhance project efficiency and outcomes. It marks a transformative period in the industry, emphasizing a commitment to leveraging new innovations.

Striking A Balance

With the AEC industry now increasingly open to innovations, spending billions on new and advanced engineering and construction design software, including BIM (building information modeling), 3D modeling, digital twins, AR, VR,and AI, there’s a growing need to strike a careful balance in technology and software expenditures.

Engineering and construction design software licenses account for a significant portion of an AEC organization’s IT expenditure. Software licensing presents a myriad of challenges for construction and engineering companies. Each can adversely impact operational efficiency, compliance, and financial health. The complex nature of construction and engineering projects exacerbates the situation.

Challenges in AEC Software Allocation and Utilization

Open iT, a pioneer in software license management, equips AEC organizations to tackle the broad spectrum of licensing challenges through its flagship offering, LicenseAnalyzer.

Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer delivers actionable insights drawn from detailed analyses of engineering and construction software usage, empowering AEC firms to fine-tune their license management and address challenges including:

License Availability: Ensures enough licenses are available during peak project activities to maintain uninterrupted workflows.

Over-licensing and Under-licensing: Helps avoid resource wastage from too many licenses and operational disruptions from too few licenses.

License Compliance: Aids in adhering to software license agreements to avoid legal complications.

Denials of Service: Reduces work disruptions from a lack of available licenses.

Version Management: Manages software version compatibility and licensing implications of upgrades.

License Mobility: Facilitates the transfer of licenses among projects, teams, or locations.

Cloud Licensing: Assists in managing the complexities of cloud-based software licenses.

Open iT:  AEC Ready

Open iT offers specialized and comprehensive support for leading AEC software, including specialized engineering and construction design applications like Autodesk, Siemens NX, Dassault Systèmes, Bluebeam, Bentley, Esri, Hexagon, and Trimble.

Seamless Integrations

LicenseAnalyzer seamlessly integrates with an organization’s IT infrastructure, collecting license usage data from diverse sources like license servers, cloud services, and user workstations into a unified database. It supports a wide array of license server protocols including FlexNet, LUM, Sentinel, RLM, and DSLS.

Training and Support

Customers who use LicenseAnalyzer can benefit from the comprehensive support that Open iT offers. This support includes different training sessions, and dedicated account and customer success managers to help and advise clients.

Technical support is available around the clock via phone and email. Customers can access the Open iT Customer Portal, which provides a range of resources including documents, videos, and updates. Additionally, Open iT delivers tailored managed services, including consulting, vendor negotiations, vendor analysis, and implementing chargeback systems.

Transform AEC Software Licenses into Valuable Assets

As the AEC industry increases investment in advanced software, efficient license management is crucial. Open iT’s LicenseAnalyzer enables organizations to maximize software investments, ensure compliance, and boost efficiency.

Discover how Open iT can transform your AEC software license management strategies and propel your organization forward. Contact Open iT today.

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