NetHASP and Its Advantages

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Hardware Against Software Piracy (HASP) is a powerful licensing solution that independent software vendors (ISVs) have been using over the years.

It has provided numerous advantages to its users for better and efficient software licensing. 

It is well known for its reliability in security and protection of expensive and valuable software licenses.

However, the HASP system has since evolved to a wider range of solutions that cater to the enterprise environment. It is now offering NetHASP.

What is NetHASP? 

NetHASP is a HASP licensing solution designed to cater to a network environment. 

It provides various capabilities to manage and control valuable software licenses. It delivers efficient and optimized ways of securing and protecting the software licenses against unauthorized use.

It also gives an overview of all the connected computers that use the licenses.

The design of the system of NetHASP is as simple as server-client communication.

It has its own license manager, an application responsible for the communication of the protected application and the NetHASP.

The license manager serves as the link between the two for proper licensing and optimal usage.

A maximum of 250 protected applications running on the network can be served by the NetHASP license manager with multiple NetHASP keys connected to the computer.

NetHASP keys have various models. Models determine the number of applications it can protect.

A maximum of 112 applications can be protected for each model of NetHASP. For example, HASP4 Net5 can allow from zero up to five licenses. Unlimited license is modeled as HASP4 NetU.

How does it work? 

The NetHASP system involves a simple communication of stations and the license manager.

The following sequence describes how the system works:

  1. A protected application is activated from a station connected in the network.
  2. The station performs a NetHASp login.
  3. The login sends a request for permission to the NetHASP License Manager to run the application.
  4. The NetHASP license manager verifies if the requesting NetHASP is registered through the log table. It checks if:
    • a. The application is licensed to run; and
    • b. The number of computers allowed to run the protected application simultaneously has not been exceeded.
  5. If all are verified true, the NetHASP license manager grants the permission to run the application. Otherwise, it returns an error code.

What are the advantages of NetHASP?

There are many things to consider when choosing a solution to secure and protect expensive software licenses.

The solution should contain most of the essential key factors in the efficient way of securing and protecting software licenses.

Here are a few factors why NetHASP should be considered:

  1. Flexibility. It provides a wide range of features and solutions for software protection and security.
  2. Security. It provides state-of-art security for software licenses.
  3. Intuitiveness. It provides easy-to-use tools with user-friendly functionalities.
  4. Manageability. With a license manager, it is easier to manage and control a number of computers with NetHASP.
  5. Range of Support. It supports various operating systems and has a number of support facilities to cater to the needs of the users.

How does Open iT support NetHASP? 

Open iT supports NetHASP license manager through Open iT® LicenseAnalyzer2020, which meters software applications by collecting usage data from a wide variety of sources and provides an enterprise overview of the organization’s software usage, showing when and by whom these assets are being used over time, by location, business unit, or project group.

LicenseAnalyzer2020 reports provide various essential information that can be used for deeper analysis and decision-making process for software licensing, including:

  1. Number of available licenses
  2. Concurrent number of users
  3. Duration of license usage per application, host and user
  4. Distinct number of users
  5. Time/Day of the usage

This powerful solution includes real-time monitoring and historical reporting of all applications controlled by the NetHASP license manager, as well as proactive alerts and customizable dashboards.

For more information on the features and functionalities of Open iT® LicenseAnalyzer2020 in support of NetHASP and other license managers, we can schedule a one-on-one meeting with you, or we can show you.

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