Open iT Reporter for ANSYS Software Launched

May 9, 2014 Santa Clara, CAOpen iT, Inc. announced today the release of Open iT Reporter for ANSYS® Software at the ANSYS Convergence Conference 2014 in Santa Clara, CA. Open iT Reporter for ANSYS Software monitors all ANSYS software usage enterprise-wide and provides a rich set of detailed usage reports which ANSYS customers may use to best optimize valuable software resources in alignment with their business objectives.

“With Open iT Reporter for ANSYS Software, customers can get reliable and highly customizable reports of their ANSYS software usage,” said Eistein Fosli, founder and CTO of Open iT, Inc. “These include real-time reports, automatically generated historical reports and on-demand reports based on pre-defined templates, all of which are available through a user-friendly web interface. Historical reports may also be exported to Microsoft® Excel™, which adds further flexibility and customization.”

Paul Lethbridge, ANSYS lead product manager, said, “Leading companies around the world are using ANSYS engineering simulation software to ensure that their products live up to their promise. Open iT Reporter for ANSYS Software provides ANSYS customers a convenient tool for monitoring their use of ANSYS software within their business.”

Open iT usage monitoring software is the leading solution for metering, analyzing and optimizing software usage in a wide range of industries, including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, and others. Open iT Reporter for ANSYS Software provides this same advanced capability, preconfigured for ANSYS users, in an easy-to-deploy format and at a competitive price. Open iT is the first partner of ANSYS for software usage monitoring and reporting.

About Open iT Reporter for ANSYS® Software

Open iT Reporter for ANSYS® Software provides a powerful solution for monitoring ANSYS software usage. It allows (1) multi-site enterprise-wide ANSYS software usage data collection and report generation, both real-time and historical; (2) easy setup with pre-defined usage reports; and (3) easy export of historical reports to Microsoft® Excel™. Users can conveniently monitor real-time ANSYS software usage, and may select, view and print daily, weekly and monthly usage reports using a web browser.

Open iT Reporter for ANSYS® Software is a pre-configured Virtual Appliance, distributed in OVF 1.1 format, and is easily installed using an OVF-compatible virtual machine manager such as VirtualBox, RedHat Enterprise Virtualization, Oracle VM, VMware vSphere, and others. Once installed, Open iT Reporter for ANSYS® Software will begin collecting data and providing ANSYS software usage information to users across the enterprise.

About Open iT, Inc.

Open iT, Inc. is a leading provider of software asset management tools used by a wide range of companies to reduce the cost and complexity of managing corporate hardware and software assets, and to support business process improvements. Visit Open iT, Inc. for more information.

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