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Icarus License Manager

It’s your first day at work as a programmer in a multinational company. Your boss immediately gives you your first task – continue working on the code that the team has been writing for a few months now. With confidence, you start walking towards your workstation when suddenly, a wave of panic hits you. What if you make an error that costs the company thousands of dollars? What if you alter the code in a way that reverses all the hours put in by your team?

To address these types of questions, Scientific Toolworks, Inc (SciTools), a company based in the USA, created an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with the goal of helping programmers and developers create, comprehend, and maintain their source codes. According to their website, Understand™ is a solution that helps “make sense of your code, no matter how complex or messy it may be”. Read on to learn more about Understand™, SciTools’ Icarus License Manager as well as the benefits of tracking your software usage to optimize your licenses.

Understand™: Key to Simplified Code Management

Supporting over 20 coding languages, Understand™ simplifies code management through its multiple features, which include Search, Analysis, CodeCheck, Browsers, Metrics, Annotations, Reports, Charts and Graphs, among others.

With Understand™, users can make the necessary changes in their code without worrying how it would affect the entire project. It also ensures that the code matches globally published standards. The software’s powerful tools make it easy for developers to visualize and break down their code; thus, it reduces the risk of coding errors.

Understand™ offers flexible licenses that companies can choose from to fit their requirements – from single and multiple users to licenses that cater to DevOps and enterprises. Companies can purchase these licenses on an annual subscription with a minimum price of $90 per month per user. The pricing of licenses will vary depending on the customization. In addition to offering free trials and consultations, the software also has a free educational license for students and teachers.

Icarus License Manager: Continue Working Offline

Users of Understand™ normally connect to the Helios license server. However, the software also enables developers to work on their code offline. The Icarus License Manager – not to be confused with the aviation-focused data platform ICARUS – is SciTools’ local license manager for Understand™.

Icarus is beneficial for users who cannot access the Helios license server, whether due to intermittent internet connection or due to the use of restricted tools. In other words, it is an offline site that is offered only under specific requirements. Companies can purchase the license on a per-user and per-year basis.

License Optimization: Metering and Reporting Software Usage

If Understand™ helps developers become more efficient in writing code, software usage data, on the other hand, helps organizations maximize their Understand™ licenses, identify the different types of software users that need additional help, and right-size the number of purchased licenses.

  • Metering software usage is the first step in optimizing IT assets. Maximization of software utilization leads to improved workflows through the discovery of causes of license denials and work schedule patterns. In addition, it allows organizations to predict future usage. This enables management to align their resources with the business’ needs and goals.
  • New software is purchased with the goal of improving workforce efficiency. However, there are instances when a new program can slow down the project’s progress due to its accompanying learning curve. Tracking software usage can help management identify user adoption and productivity. With this information, the organization can conduct appropriate training and resolve any concerns regarding the application. As a result, the quantity and quality of work output will increase.
  • Monitoring the true active usage of each purchased license uncovers the company’s actual licensing needs. By generating comprehensive reports, companies can have the supporting data needed for the next license renewal. By right sizing the number of licenses, the organization can avoid the costs of shelfware.

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer supports the monitoring and reporting of Understand™ licenses. Debug log files containing license information and usage are collected from the Icarus License Manager and aggregated with usage data from a variety of other sources for a more complete and accurate software usage information.

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