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Open iT Reports – Establishing IT performance metrics has always been a complex and difficult task for today’s CIOs.

It requires manual collection of data, software customization, detailed analysis, and lengthy reporting. Along with its complexity is proving its business value to the stakeholders, determining which data to be used to measure IT’s worth in an enterprise.

It’s a fast changing world wherein it always matter that the improvements are visible.

CIOs and any business leader don’t just need to stay in tune with the times rather stay ahead of the curve, and be able to allocate and align their capabilities to what the business really needs and what makes it better.

As an enabler of business processes, it is critical that IT partner up with the business to develop the right set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) for successful operations. 

Implementing measurement options to assess and evaluate IT performance is the first step in formulating KPIs. Tracking the right metrics is the key in measuring IT capability to deliver business value.

Here are some of Open iT reports that delivers IT metrics related to resource allocation, enterprise error, productivity and effectiveness rates:

Daily Max License Usage – This report shows you the daily number of concurrent users of 5 selected features. A report like this can be run at any time-interval, and for any part or group of the organization. See when and by whom licenses are used over time, by location, business unit, or project group, from a total enterprise view down to a single user, worldwide and in real-time right from your web browser.

Active vs. Inactive use of selected applications – Monitor core applications’ availability. Use it for monitoring activity levels of installed applications and redeploy unused licenses to active users working on high-priority projects.

Usage Distribution: Used licenses/feature by duration – Measuring actual software license usage, provides third party documentation for software license compliance and enables companies to negotiate pay-per-use license agreement, which allows them to reduce software costs by cutting surplus licenses.

Keyboard and Mouse Activity for Users in Selected Departments – Evaluate software usability before purchasing, by analyzing user computer habits.

Learn more on how you can transform IT metrics into business benefits. Generate IT metrics the easy way. Schedule for a live demo today and see how software IT reports are made with Open iT software monitoring and IT asset management tools.

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