4 Things that MacOS Does Better

MacOS Computer

Over the years, Windows and Linux have been the dominant operating systems in the world of computer technology.

These operating systems have provided numerous advantages to its users and have become indispensable to many organizations.

But amidst this apparent duopoly, Apple introduced a new and promising operating system to the market: the macOS.

MacOS is a Unix-based operating system designed for and compatible only to Macintosh computers, smart phones, and tablets that are produced by Apple.

The operating system has made huge strides in the market because of the very effective marketing and business strategies that caught the attention of consumers.

Many companies are hesitant to use macOS because of the most popular reason – the hardware that comes with it is quite expensive compared to those that run Windows and Linux operating systems.

High priced paraphernalia may be attractive to individual consumers, but for large businesses that require a sizable number of units, the price can be too much.

Moreover, macOS has been criticized of less flexibility and upgradability when it comes to hardware since it can be paired only with Macintosh computers and other Apple products.

Criticisms aside, Apple is getting more and more companies to use their computers and macOS due to the outstanding advantages that its technology provides to its users.

Here are some of the advantages of macOS.

Smooth GUI with outstanding functionalities

MacOS is known for its simple and organized user interface that offers a smooth workflow for the user.

All apps are downloaded from the App Store and are organized in only one application drawer called the Launchpad.

All related details for each app are consolidated in an Application folder for smooth organization. With this kind of setup, dealing and working with applications is smooth and easily done.

Seamless integration of software and hardware

Consistency and maximum compatibility of software and hardware of Macintosh computers made it popular in the market.

Apple is known for its seamless integration of its products’ software and hardware since it designs and manufactures its own software and hardware.

Hence, it is easy to optimize the operating system (macOS) based on the specifications of the hardware components.

With this optimization, effective and outstanding performance and computing operations are achieved.

Reduced vulnerabilities and malware issues

Since applications for macOS is only downloadable and available in the App Store, the system is less vulnerable to malicious attacks and viruses.

All applications undergo a series of thorough testing to ensure security and reliability.

Remarkable multitasking features

Apple is also known for its outstanding performance in handling heavy operations on multitasking features.

Since macOS is optimized to perform in parallel to the hardware component specification of the machine, it can smoothly handle parallel processing and operations in the system.

It is also worth mentioning that macOS offers the use of multiple workspaces or desktops and running it in parallel, which provides users the capability of running different applications on different environment.

These points may vary in time and may change depending on different perspectives of the consumers.

Experiencing macOS would be the best way to see its numerous advantages or if it can really help the organization.

Since the use of macOS is now fast emerging in companies that use valuable software applications, it is ideal to control and manage the utilization of the system.

Monitoring application usage and web activities in the system is very useful in order to properly and efficiently manage the utilization of this high-end operating system.

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer supports the collection and reporting of web log activities and monitoring of application usage in workstations with MacOS.

It can provide valuable insights on the total number of website visits by users; the duration of website visit; the number of concurrent instances a website is opened; inventory of installed applications; the total duration of application usage; how long applications are being used by specific user; and system diagnostics (CPU, IO, Memory).

Information like these are useful for analysis, decision making, and more effective control and efficient use of this high-end operating system and its associated software applications.

Learn more about how to effectively manage the usage of macOS applications. Let us guide you through your software asset management and optimization journey.

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