Accelerating Deployment with Azure

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As the company grows over time, the technical requirements of the business also grow or change. Consequently, the deployment of business-critical applications may increase in complexity. This forces businesses to find ways to make deployments of new machines and application a much easier and smoother process. Fortunately, today’s age of Cloud Computing allows businesses to repeatedly deploy their business applications to the cloud, thus making deployment an iterative process.

Azure, one of the major cloud service providers, offers many ways of automating application deployment, such as but not limited to the applications available on the Azure Marketplace, thru infrastructure as code.

Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace is a collection of Azure Applications and Services that can be deployed with just a click. Some are Virtual Machine images and some are Solution Templates.

Virtual Machine images are simple pre-packed dependencies that can be installed on a virtual machine, while the Solution Templates are applications that may require complex infrastructures, such as networks of virtual machines, database servers, web application servers, and other resources.

At the  Marketplace, IT admins can skip the manual configuration of stuff, including configuration of applications on the correct network/infrastructure and manual deployment of each resource.

ARM Template

Azure also provides a way to convert business applications infrastructure to code, which can then be used repeatedly during deployment. Azure provides a template called  Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to implement infrastructure as code. ARM is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that will hold the resources that will be deployed in the cloud environment.

Using this template holds many advantages, such as its declarative syntax that allows businesses to deploy Azure infrastructure declaratively. Also, by using this template on several deployment instances, resources are deployed in the exact same state, which means that each deployment iteration would achieve consistent results.

Therefore, using this kind of templates boosts the confidence and speed of deployment for several instances rather than repeatedly doing it manually.

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer2020 Client-only will soon be available on Azure Marketplace and can be deployed on existing Azure VMs.

Learn more on how to deploy Open iT from Azure Marketplace, or embed on existing ARM Templates and other ways. Let us guide you through your engineering software management and optimization journey.

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