Enterprise Architect License Manager

What is Enterprise Architect License Manager? #

Enterprise Architect is a fully integrated modeling platform developed by Sparx Systems.

It is an enterprise-wide solution for visualization, analysis, modeling, testing, and maintenance of the organization’s systems, software, processes, and architectures.

It helps organizations to keep control of the workspace, support and enable collaboration among employees and their respective teams, and foster confidence even in the most complex projects.

Sparx Systems offers both standalone and floating licenses for all of their packages. And with floating licenses, they also offer their proprietary Floating License Server (FLS) for automated and centralized management of license keys.

FLS is Windows service that is an integrated component of Sparx Systems’ Pro Cloud Server, which is a supporting application to Enterprise Architect available for all licensed users.

All network communications are performed over HTTPS, which ensures the security of each transmitted license information.

Enterprise Architect License Manager User Monitoring and Management #

Enterprise Architect’s FLS has an accompanying Configuration Client where license management and configuration can be done.

This tool provides utilities for viewing license information, adding license keys, upgrading existing licenses, registering add-ins, adding add-in license keys, and basic license denials troubleshooting.

FLS also supports license borrowing, which grants the allocation of license keys for a specific amount of time thus allowing users to work offline or offsite.

FLS also supports automatic logging of license status data on log files at configurable intervals.

However, it doesn’t provide a tool for viewing and reporting license usage.

How Open iT Supports Enterprise Architect License Manager #

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer collects license status and usage information from FLS through the log files that FLS creates periodically.

Open iT parses and aggregates license usage data from these log files, and combines them with usage data from various other sources for a complete and more accurate software usage reporting.

The usage of Enterprise Architect licenses may be viewed in real time through Open iT License Monitor portal.

Historical usage reports may also be generated through the Core Reporter or Analysis Server, including:

  • Total License Usage
  • User Level License Usage
  • User Group Level License Usage
  • Host Level License Usage
  • Host Group Level License Usage

These vital reports can help determine whether Enterprise Architect licenses are being used efficiently and uncover any potential opportunities for optimization.

The license usage visibility provided by Open iT can help address and mitigate possible risks before they become major challenges.

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