Exceed onDemand

What is Exceed onDemand? #

Exceed onDemand (EOD) is one of the first and most powerful X Window application access solutions.

Developed by OpenText Specialized Technologies, EOD supports MS Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS platforms.

EOD is a dependable solution for managed application access.

It can manage a host of business and engineering applications with thousands of users across a global network that share in a common license pool.

It offers an effective license distribution system and flexible settings for different licensing options.

It uses a combination of SSL and SSH protocols for secure encrypted communications between user and host machines.

Exceed onDemand User Monitoring and Management #

EOD has a built-in Server Management Console that allows administrators to manage various EOD license servers on a single interface.

EOD can also discreetly access Active Directory and LDAP, which then allows it to leverage the current user and group information for profiling, access control, and user/group management.

It also has built-in Suspend and Resume features that allow users to suspend their session and resume it later on when they are on the go.

These features are also useful when there is intermittent network connection in which EOD can suspend the active session on the server while the application continues to run on the user’s side.

This allows EOD to protect unsaved work from inadvertent disconnections.

How Open iT supports Exceed onDemand #

Through LicenseAnalyzer 2022 clients, Open iT periodically polls licenses usage data from EOD license servers and combines them with usage data collected from other sources, such as log files, OS, I/O, CPU, mouse and keyboard events, etc.

These various usage data are then aggregated to get a more accurate and complete software usage information that can then be used to determine the true active usage of each checked out license from the EOD server.

These usage data can then be viewed together with usage data from various other license managers on a single dashboard.

Usage reports can be viewed in real-time through the Open iT License Monitor Dashboard, while a wide variety of historical reports can also be easily generated for in-depth license usage analyses and optimization initiatives.

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