LM-X License Manager Features and How to Use Them for Effective License Management

LM-X License Manager is one of the premium products of X-Formation – a company based on Aarhus, Denmark with extended offices in Eastern Europe’s Silicon Valley in Krakow, Poland. LM-X License Manager provides software vendors the most efficient and secure way of licensing various software products. It offers a variety of licensing options and capabilities that increases the protection, security and optimization of software licenses.

LM-X License Manager comes with various features that allows for easier license management and also provides other benefits to its end users.

Supported Licensing Models

Licensing models are the way licenses are handled and provided to its end users. These models provide the ability to alter licensing policies on a per-customer basis to have more focus on the customer’s needs. The licensing models supported by LM-X License Manager include:

  • Network Licenses
  • Node-locked Licenses
  • Trial Licenses
  • Pay-per-use Licensing
  • Token-based Licensing
  • HASP dongles
License Borrowing and Grace Licensing

The LM-X License Manager has the ability to assign network licenses, which can be used even if the user is not connected to the network through license borrowing. While a grace license gives the user the ability to continue using the license for a certain period of time when the license server is down. A grace license ensures that users will be able to complete or save the work in times of server down.

System Clock Check

Tampering of system clocks is sometimes done to illegally extend license expiration, such as extending the end date of a trial license. This trick is not possible in LM-X License Manager since it detects system clock tampering. If detected, users will not be able to check out the license.

Server Heartbeat Check

It is possible for the license server to lose its connection and be down for some time, which may cause applications to behave incorrectly. To handle this kind of situation, LM-X License Manager automatically checks the connection heartbeat to the server. The checking can also be done manually. This ensures that a potential overuse of license is avoided.

Automatic Detection of Server

This allows a client application to automatically find license servers on the network to which the client application can connect for licensing. This eliminates the need for the users to provide and configure server information, and thus makes it easy for the system administrators to migrate from an old license server to a new one.

License Management

I. Web-based

The LM-X License Manager has its own web-based user interface for users to monitor and manage the license server. This tool enables the user to show the license server overview and statistics, including license usage statistics, network statistics, and license server information. The tool also allows the user to trigger license server actions, such as restarting or shutting down the license server; view and edit the configuration file; and view and search entries in the log file for troubleshooting.

II. License Server Client

The LM-X License Server Client is a software used to monitor the license server statistics and trigger administrative tasks to the connected license servers. It enables the user with the same capabilities as in the web-based management. The only difference is that this is a Windows application that registers and connects to LM-X license servers.

Effective License Management

Good management and effective control of software licenses is very important. It reduces the risk of license overuse and improper license utilization. Moreover, it increases the protection and security of high-valued software licenses. LM-X License Manager has tools that provide all the features mentioned provided, but with a more advanced and powerful usage metering tool, you can go beyond basic monitoring and start optimizing your software licenses.

Open iT® LicenseAnalyzer2020 supports the collection and polling of data from LM-X License Managers. It sends these raw usage data to the Open iT Core Server for processing and aggregation to create comprehensive visual reports from application level down to host user-group and user levels, which can then be used for deeper analysis and, ultimately, license optimization.

Go beyond the basics! Learn more about effective management and optimization of your valuable technical software assets. Let us guide you through your software asset management and optimization journey.

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