Managed IT Services: Boost Your Software License Management Investments in 2024

Managed IT Services_Boost Your Software License Management Investments in 2024

The projected increased investments in Software License Management (SLM) solutions in 2024 reflect a growing awareness among organizations of the importance of efficiently managing their software assets. But as enterprises ramp up their SLM spending, a substantial number of organizations realize they don’t have the resources to effectively implement and manage these solutions. Managed IT services provides the answer.

Organizations Yet to Build SLM-Centric Teams

The global SLM market is poised for substantial growth in the coming years. This means SLM-focused teams have become increasingly crucial for organizations willing to start/continue their SAM maturity journey. However, building such teams requires time, training, and resources that may not be immediately available.

In the interim, a practical solution lies in leveraging managed IT services that specialize in software license management. These services can provide the necessary expertise and support, bridging the gap until organizations can develop their in-house SLM expertise.

Managed IT Services help fill SLM expertise gap as SLM investment increases
Global SLM market set for massive growth within the next decade.

Managed IT Services for SLM: A Strategic Necessity for Businesses

Managed IT services offer a vital solution for businesses seeking effective administration of their Software License Management (SLM) solutions. Providers like Open iT deliver not only sophisticated licensing management tools but also top-class expertise to assist clients in managing and administering their SLM products.

The integration of a specialized SLM expert team empowers businesses to effectively leverage their SLM solutions, simplifying the complexities of software licensing. This approach ensures thorough optimization of software licenses and maximizes return on investment (ROI).

Managed SLM Services: Key Benefits

Managed Software License Management (SLM) services are proving to be invaluable in today’s increasingly digital business landscape. They offer a range of benefits, from strategic advice to cost optimization, which are essential for companies looking to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their software assets.

1. Expert Advisory and Strategic Planning

Managed IT services provide more than just technical support; they offer strategic guidance in selecting and managing software licenses. This advisory role is critical for ensuring that businesses make informed decisions about their software investments, aligning these choices with their broader strategic objectives. The expertise offered by managed services helps companies navigate the complexities of software licensing, ensuring that their software portfolio is not only robust but also tailored to their specific business needs.

2. Compliance and Risk Management

One of the most significant challenges in software license management is staying compliant with the myriad of licensing agreements and regulations. Managed SLM services play a crucial role in guiding organizations through this maze, significantly reducing the risks associated with non-compliance. It helps protect businesses from potential legal issues and financial penalties, ensuring that their software practices are both ethical and lawful.

3. Cost Optimization and Operational Efficiency

Managed IT services help optimize costs by identifying and eliminating wasteful software spending. By managing software licenses more effectively, companies can reduce excess expenditures and improve operational efficiency. This optimization not only saves money but also ensures that software resources are allocated in the most effective way to support business operations.

Real-World Impact of Managed SLM Services: A Case Study in the Engineering Sector

Managed IT services, specifically SLM, can help organizations get the most out of their software license management solutions. A prominent example is a large US-based engineering consultancy, which reaped significant benefits from external SLM expertise in managing and optimizing over 400 varied engineering design licenses. The results of incorporating managed IT services were substantial:

Significant Cost Savings: The company achieved a remarkable reduction in software expenses, cutting costs by up to 25%. This was made possible through meticulous analysis and optimization of their software licenses, pinpointing and eliminating those that were underutilized or unnecessary.

Enhanced Operational Transparency: The adoption of these services greatly improved the visibility into software usage and license distribution within the firm. This transparency was crucial for ensuring regulatory compliance, facilitating more informed decision-making, and laying a solid foundation for strategic future planning.

Facilitated Digital Transformation: The benefits extended beyond financial savings. The engineering firm was able to redirect resources from cost-saving measures to more innovative digital initiatives. This strategic reallocation not only boosted their current operational efficiency but also effectively primed them for embracing future technological advancements, aligning with the evolving digital landscape.

Unlock True Value of SLM Investments

The increasing investment in software license management in 2024 marks a significant shift in organizational priorities, underscoring the critical need for specialized expertise in this domain. Managed IT services, particularly those specializing in SLM like Open iT, are becoming indispensable for organizations aiming to optimize their software assets.

These services offer more than just filling an expertise gap; they provide comprehensive support that includes expert guidance, strategic planning, and compliance assistance. This level of support empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of software license management effectively and efficiently, ensuring they derive maximum value from their investments.

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