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We turn usage data into meaningful insights for IT cost optimization, effective resource planning, user experience improvement, and optimal software license management.
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IT Visibility

Gain control through the discovery of IT assets and streamline workflows based on license usage data.
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Risk Mitigation

Leverage data and predictive analytics to reduce software compliance and security risks due to unauthorized license usage.
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Cost Optimization

Maximize IT spend and gain competitive advantage through smarter resource planning.
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IT Modernization

Seamlessly transition from legacy systems and increase the adoption rate of new software among end-users.
Tailored to meet various business needs around IT asset management
while saving money and increasing productivity


Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Create data-driven strategies by combining flexible dashboards and drilled down reports with license agreement simulations, “what if” scenarios, and product-to-feature mapping.

Expert Insights

Our cross-functional teams include subject matter experts that can provide smart solutions tailor-fit to your organization’s needs.

Extensive Coverage

We meter more than 6000 applications and support over 35 license managers, uncovering both runtime and true active usage.

Global Customer Support

With offices in 6 countries, our global customer support is available 24/5 to provide consulting and managed services as well as technical assistance.

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A three-level solution for software usage metering, analysis, and optimization for all business and technical applications
Level 1.3-01

Level 1

Runtime Usage

Provides real-time monitoring and historical reporting on a wide range of on-premise and Cloud applications, proactive alerts, and flexible dashboards
Level 2.3-01

Level 2

True Active Usage

Extends the functionalities of Level 1, and meters the activity levels of all applications to determine whether the applications are truly being actively used
Level 3.3-01

Level 3

Runtime Usage

Expand the functionalities of Level 1 & 2 to provide better control in managing license resources by uncovering and suspending applications that are not in active use

LicenseAnalyzer Plugins


Centralized License Integration and Management System


License usage forecasting and anomaly detection


Life cycle, workflow, vendor management, cost allocation, and budget management



Hardware resource monitoring (CPU, Memory, and I/O)


Storage resource metering

Point Solutions

Dedicated to analyzing license usage from a specific vendor

Technical Apps

Analyzer for Autodesk®
Analyzer for Ansys®
Analyzer for MathWorks®
Analyzer for SOLIDWORKS®
Analyzer for Siemens NX®
Analyzer for Materialise®
Analyzer for Bentley®

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Partial List of Supported Vendors

We meter more than 6,000 applications

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