Open iT Training


The following topics* aim to:
1. Equip participants with the best practices on Open iT administration;
2. Provide guidance on reporting and analysis to get the most ROI from the tool; and
3. Provide hands-on experience on reporting and analysis with a practical output that the participants can take back to their respective companies.


Master the ins and outs of managing the Open iT Core Reporter and/or Analysis Server

- Core Server Administration

  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • Patches Installation
  • Data Regeneration
- Analysis Server Administration
  • ETL Logs
  • Roles
  • Web Access Management
- Troubleshooting
- User Management


Acquire basic techniques in generating reports that matter, and learn how to analyze the data to turn it into actionable business intelligence.

- Real-Time Monitor Reporting and Alerts
- Historical Reporting

  • SSRS and Subscription
  • Excel and other BI Tools

Practical Application

Apply the skills and techniques learned through hands-on exercises, sharing of best practices, and open discussions.

- Setting up reports that are relevant to the participants through the combination of different reporting methods
- Discussions and sharing of the reports and analyses


Learn how to customize the settings and configurations to get the most of your Open iT software installations.

- Core Server Settings and Configurations
- Analysis Server Settings and Configurations
- Client Configurations
- Mapping

*Special or customized topics, apart from those mentioned above, may be included upon request. Special training sessions on topics that you prefer may also be arranged.