Challenge: Keep track of enterprise IT

Companies often have enormously complex, wide-ranging IT resources running on different platforms, in different locations, and consisting of everything from software and hardware to virtual resources. How can an IT manager keep track of these resources to achieve (or improve) compliance, implement chargeback, manage risks, ensure security and deliver quality service to users?

Open iT software is platform-independent, which is an essential requirement for companies which are running a heterogeneous environment comprised of Unix, Linux and Windows platforms, to be able to get a truly enterprise-wide view that encompasses all IT resources. It provides managers with the overview they need for all their distributed resources, from the enterprise level down to an individual user.

Live data is collected and used in reports so that managers can easily see how their IT assets are being used across the organization. Armed with this knowledge, managers can see trends and deal with challenges by staying informed and prepared to take action when needed.

Ensure compliance thru centralized software usage monitoring across all sites

View detailed and accurate usage statistics across any combination of local or global license servers in any timezone and location, even remote offices. Offline usage (“borrowing/commuting”) is also supported. Determine license utilization over the whole enterprise, not just by divisions.

Track software usage across all sites, locations and platforms, including node-locked, standalone and web applications, as well as license managers such as FLEXlm/FLEXnet, IBM LUM, Sentinel/Abaqus/Elan and RLM.

Open iT is a unique, advanced monitoring and reporting solution for true global software usage metering. See accurate concurrent views of shared licenses. View usage of expensive applications such as Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, CATIA, ANSYS, ESRI Software Suite across several sites, or use the Active Directory, LDAP or SAP information to report on any combination of user groups, such as country, division, location, business unit, cost center or project.

Open iT synchronizes data from several sources as needed. With Open iT, it is easy to get a complete overview of the global software usage, and of all distributed resources.

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