Technology Adoption

Challenge: Keep the business running while enhancing business productivity

Technology is moving at such a fast pace; it is a consideration business firms cannot ignore. With today’s evolving market demands, organizations are taking proactive measures to find the best tools and adapt the newest software applications to keep up with other businesses.

Adapting to new technology can transform a business. It can increase profit, improve the work process or, if not managed properly, it can be the other way around; it can slow down productivity and cause financial losses. Such threat is impossible to anticipate, but it can be avoided if organizations take a phased approach in adapting new technology.

With software usage monitoring, organizations can identify the means of gathering data and the metrics to be used to fully assess future business requirements, understand the differences between the old versus the current one and measure the KPIs of the new system being implemented.

Open iT produces accurate software usage that can be used to manage a technology portfolio, especially during the post implementation process of the new system. It provides metrics necessary to understand the KPI to support the program performance.

Some of the information that may be reported using Open iT include:

  • Who is reverting to the old system?
  • Who needs additional mentoring with regard to the use of the new system?
  • Which users should get additional training first?
  • How efficient is the new system against the old one?
  • How many licenses are being checked out but are not actively used by the user?

Open iT helps organizations in effectively implementing a successful technology adoption process. It allows companies to determine when they would run out of licenses and when they would need to purchase more. This also enables them to re-adjust and plan their license counts more effectively. Not only does it allow them to save more money from unused licenses, but it also reduces the risk of failing compliance audits from technology vendors.

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