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Worldwide IT spending will be up slightly, according to new figures from Forrester’s “2013 CIO Budget Priorities” report. It predicted a range growth of 2.0% to 2.5%, less than 3.5% projected by the International Monetary Fund for global output.

Looking beyond the global average, spending changes are not uniform across geographies and spending categories; it is in part fueled by the significant impact accelerated adoption of as-a-service options are having on IT budgets.

While CIOs may face challenges communicating IT flexibility during an era of modest budget growth and escalating IT needs, generally IT employees and CIOs envision priorities similarly. This is an asset that CIOs should utilize as they drive for appropriate IT change, knowing that their employees generally are ready to follow on key issues, such as giving higher priorities to customer-facing systems.

By communicating clear BT priorities in the context of what is and what may not be funded, organizations can effectively evaluate and adjust its commitments in response to rapidly evolving business needs.

The most important information in any right-sizing exercise, however, is knowing exactly your current usage pattern. With clear trends in usage, you can argue for the changes that are necessary in order to comply with your new budget and get the innovation and change you need. Open iT Software can provide you with accurate and reliable information about your enterprise-wide usage, both on the server and desktop side. With fully customizable and integrated reporting tools, Open iT delivers unparalleled flexibility in usage reporting, which will provide you with the best and clearest picture of what steps are needed in order to move to your next budget-year. With facts on the table, you are better equipped for any decision and communication, both internally in your organization and externally, you can manage change more effectively.

Burris, Peter (May 1, 2013). 2013 CIO Budget Priorities. Forrester Research, Inc.

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