Empowering Proactive Software Usage Monitoring Thru Email Alerts


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Open iT has recently developed a new way to manage and monitor software usage by adding Email Alerts as a new feature of the system.

The threshold for each feature or license is set up in the Graphical User Interface of the Open iT Email Alerts. Once the user of the feature or license exceeds the corresponding threshold, the Open iT Email Alerts sends an email to the system administrator. The Open iT Email Alerts run in the background every five minutes and then sends email to its subscribers. It saves the last information at the cache to avoid email flooding and will not send email repetitively if there were no changes in the data.

Receiving real time software usage email alerts is a step on having well-managed IT resources. Open iT’s new Email Alert feature also encourages IT administrators to respond faster to any license usage problem. With that, there will be no more employees who will painstakingly wait on the line just to use the software, but there will be more empowered and productive users who can efficiently do their job and finish projects on time.

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