Harness the Value of SAM

Harness the Value of Software Asset Management

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Software is constantly evolving, and the more expensive and complex systems and applications become, the more benefit an organization gains from implementing a software asset management solution to help deliver the right mix of technology supporting the company’s business goals.

An investment in Software Asset Management tools pays off as you:

Increase your negotiating leverage with software vendors, with reports introducing low and high usage watermarks. You can adjust contracts and use pay-per-use agreements based on documented actual software usage, to match the number of licenses you really need.

Having a centralized licensing process also allows organizations to apply for additional incentives such as volume discounts for new software licenses, and software usage metering and reporting tools help you plan effectively before you buy.

Protect your software assets. By documenting actual software usage in indisputable reports, you will be prepared for any licensing audits, and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

Increase employee productivity. Track unauthorized software license usage to effectively implement company software usage policies and enhance best practices across the organization.

Software usage tracking is especially useful when a company decides to introduce new software to its employees. By having a real-time software application monitoring dashboard, you can monitor and measure whether a new program has been implemented effectively, identify users that are having difficulties using software to provide them additional mentoring/training, and hold productivity levels up.[i]

Reduce IT costs. In large companies, estimating which software and maintenance users need can be like finding a needle in a hay stack, which may be why most companies tends to overspend on licenses. With an effective software asset management program in place, IT managers will know exactly what they have, as well as the number of licenses the company really needs, putting them in control of their software license budget.

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