Identifying Product Utilization in Autodesk Suites

Autodesk® is one of the most popular and widely used engineering, design, and simulation software in the world. They offer a variety of products used in visualization and production depending on the customers’ needs.

Autodesk offers different types of licenses as well as different packages for their products, one of which was Autodesk Suites. Although the Suites are no longer available for purchase, customers who had them can still renew this type of package and some customers still prefer to use this.

Unfortunately, organizations that still use Autodesk Suites are experiencing problems with identifying which products are being utilized by their users. This problem occurs because Autodesk Suites no longer specify which product is being used at a time. For organizations, it is important to identify which products are utilized by the users to help them properly manage their current software assets and effectively plan their next Autodesk purchase.

Open iT can identify which Autodesk products from which Suites are being utilized by users. Using Open iT TrueUse™ Technology, Open iT® LicenseAnalyzer™ gets license usage data from a wide range of sources to identify which Autodesk Suite is being utilized and which Autodesk product is being used at specific time intervals.

With the gathered data from different sources, we can then match on an hourly level the product that the user has opened on the workstation to the Autodesk Suite that is being utilized. This allows us to start determining which Autodesk product is being utilized on the Autodesk Suite.


To identify the Autodesk product being used, we first need to see which Autodesk products are part of the Suite so we can ascertain whether the application on the workstation corresponds to the Suite checked out. We also need to consider that there may be a time difference between the license usage and the product usage since a license may not be immediately checked out at the exact same time that the application is run. When an application opens and loads resources, it might not immediately check out a license. This may also be the case when closing the application since it may be saving resources even after the license has already been returned.

Open iT continuously improves its current solution to help organizations manage and optimize their Autodesk license usage. Learn more on how to optimize Autodesk® software licenses with ease. Let us guide you through your engineering software management and optimization journey.

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