Increase Uptake of Core Business Technology

Improve the rate of new core business technology uptake and aid in reducing productivity loss during transition through a technology deployment or adoption program including software application monitoring.
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This scenario is part of corporate legend: a company decides to switch to a new core business technology, one that will affect a significant part of their organization and will be used to affect key business outcomes. Key elements are in place; senior management is on-board with the switch; the IT department has a plan to implement the needed infrastructure change, data migration, and a training program. Senior management has decided that the switch is an optional one, meaning that various organizational units will decide whether to migrate to the new system or not. Yet, even with senior management’s visible support, the adoption process is slow and agonizing, acting much like a root canal on the company. Management is surprised it takes so long for the technology to be adopted. Switching is more painful for the organizational units than expected and the loss of productivity is shocking.

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