Monitoring SAP Usage Generates Significant Savings on your Next Contract Negotiation

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SAP Usage – Would you like to walk confidently into your next SAP contract negotiation or audit equipped with the data reports of the exact quantity of licenses and user types your company requires? How is this possible?

By using a Software Asset Management (SAM) optimization tool specifically created to monitor SAP usage such as Open iT® Optimizer for SAP® Licensing, organizations can maximize their SAP license investment through an in-depth analysis of license usage to intelligently classify users to appropriate license types.

Monitoring with Optimizer for SAP Licensing

Optimizer for SAP Licensing simplifies the complexities of SAP licensing by providing an enterprise-wide overview of all SAP license usage, including various license types and authorization roles. From an initial assessment of an organization’s current SAP environment, Optimizer for SAP Licensing identifies immediate opportunities for license optimization and cost reduction through the analysis of user behavior (including a search for inactive, under-active, redundant and obsolete accounts) and consolidation of employees’ activities. Continuous monitoring of ongoing controls and policies ensures compliance and preparation for audits.

Optimizing User License Types

Ubiquitous for its automation of routine tasks and as the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP represents a significant IT investment for most enterprises. Notoriously complex in its licensing structure, enterprises are challenged with procuring favorable licensing terms and conditions while reigning in escalating SAP costs.

Though SAP charges are based on volume usage attached to Named User classifications of varying roles and capabilities, its complexity with defining usage is mired within the multitudes of SAP ERP Modules, each with its unique pricing and licensing model.

SAP will assign the most expensive license type to the Named User but since each user typically will have multiple user names in the system, it is important for the enterprise to identify and classify the correct license type for each user.

Through an analysis from the central collected data of the enterprise’s user license classifications, Optimizer for SAP Licensing provides recommendations of the user classifications based on actual historical detailed user data patterns and behavior.

For optimal license efficiency, Optimizer for SAP Licensing can reclassify enterprise usage by any of the following methods based on best practices:

  • Amount of Activity : total number of dialog steps performed per individual user
  • Type of Activity : amount of transaction codes per individual user
  • Activity Groups : role-based per the type of activities performed
  • Customized Method : customize overall licensing by combining with other license methods to adapt to the enterprise’s license agreement and situational needs

Additional opportunities for license optimization – and quick ROI – with Optimizer for SAP Licensing include the detection of idle or underutilized engines and user accounts, and identification of unused software engines. Though managing SAP licensing costs can be challenging, having this accessible data can be invaluable in successfully managing IT budgets.

Optimization is most impactful before the purchase or renewal of SAP licenses and annual maintenance services, generating significant savings on your next SAP negotiations!

Ensuring Continuous Compliance

After optimization, enterprises can ensure continuous compliance with the license agreement and prepare for audits through various reports in Optimizer for SAP Licensing. Reports can be generated periodically or per internal policy for user details for each license type classification; detailed log of changes; identification of new users (with automatic classification based upon their usage); finding suspected indirect users; tracking of inventory; and searches for unused, low usage or duplicate licenses. In addition, alerts are sent on usage levels to avoid noncompliance with contract terms.

It is common for most enterprises to be out of balance in software licensing but utilizing Optimizer for SAP Licensing ensures the peace of mind of remaining in continuous compliance as well as on budget without being subject to unexpected penalties.

Optimizer for SAP Licensing is a powerful solution for efficient control of an organization’s SAP license usage and effective management of SAP licensing costs.

For inquiries regarding Open iT Optimizer for SAP Licensing, available either as a SaaS/Cloud model or classic enterprise software, a representative can contact you!

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