Justifying Software Investments with Open iT ROI Analysis

Justifying Software Investments with Open iT ROI Analysis

Challenge: Justify software investment and ROI

Today's demand for agile but reliable decisions requires updated and solid information in order for managers to make rapid but informed and defensible decisions. This is especially true of software investments, where it can be difficult to demonstrate that investment is based on a mature and methodical analysis process. Difficulties are magnified when decision processes must be tailored to meet the needs of various divisions or departments, sometimes spanning continents. A focused investigation of the usage-based cost driving software for an organization is needed in order to demonstrate that software resources are deployed in a way which maximize both effectiveness and efficiency.

Open iT’s ROI (Return-on-Investment) Analysis is a package of professional services that aims to show how organizations can reduce software spend when they right-size their key license agreements. It highlights the importance of mature license management practices to avoid overspending and mitigate software audit liabilities. The ROI Analysis is an opportunity to discover the value of effective license management, and solidly justify investment in a robust software asset management tools.

Process of ROI Analysis

Usage-based cost drivers

A standardized process of software usage analysis adds confidence to anyone wishing to ensure return of the organization's investment by:

  • Identifying usage patterns for the selection of cost-driving software assets
  • Applying license management best practices using Open iT’s specialized reports and extensive experience
  • Understanding overall software costs and identifying upcoming milestones and compelling events (e.g. contract renewals, software license audits, etc.)
  • Analytically determining optimized software spend and calculating an estimated timeframe for recuperation of Open iT’s ROI Analysis costs
  • Presenting a project conclusion report with a discussion of key software investment justification considerations

After a period of data gathering and a thorough investigation process by Open iT, organizations will be able to better manage and control their software costs by gaining a much deeper understanding of software asset utilization.


  • Build a strong justification for software and license optimization investment
  • Understand wasted software spend and identify savings opportunities
  • Establish a solid foundation for evaluating the benefits of a broader software asset management system based on realized savings


Open iT ROI Analysis is a great opportunity to identify savings available through sound management of key high-cost software application with a relatively small investment. It can help organizations struggling to control software licensing costs while assisting the process of maintaining compliance with software license agreements.